It is that time of year again; time for the Kansas Wheat Festival!

There are so many activities to enjoy and so much fun to be had. There seems to be something for everyone, all times of the day. Baking contests, ice cream social, picnic, quilt show, art show, cute little baby and toddlers all dressed in their best to win a title, and of course some of the most awesome performers for the street dances!

Ten years ago, my then 76-year-old dad came down to enjoy the festivities. I told him we were headed to the Cow Patty Bingo, and explained the jest of the game. He belly laughed and said “in all my 76 years, never have I seen a bunch of people stand around and wait for a cow to drop a pile in a square!” Mind you, my dad is from very rural “Missouraa” (that is the way he says Missouri.) I had never seen it before either, not before I came to Wellington.

There are so many events I would like to attend this year. So many, I know I will not be able to attend them all. I am sure many of you have the same experience — so much to do, so little time.

I will use my prioritizing strategy, categorizing events of special interest to partake in the festivities to the fullest.

My “must go” list usually only has one or two events on it. These are things I will sacrifice for and make the time in my schedule to go. If I miss my “must go” event I will be disappointed, frustrated, and sad.

Next, I have my “really want to” list. This list has three or four things I really want to do. I will check my schedule to try to arrange to participate in the “really want to” events. I will be disappointed if I am unable to make any them.

Lastly, I have my “would like to” list. It is usually very long. These events are the ones I would like to do, but chances are not good that I will make it. If I am able to do things on this list I will consider it a bonus, and if I don’t, then I will ask around and suffice for hearing stories about these events.

The Kansas Wheat Festival only happens once a year, and it only happens in Wellington, Kansas. Make time to enjoy your “must go” events, schedule in time to see the things you really want to see, and even shoot for a bonus to do some things you would like to do.

OK, I am going to say it . . . Live Well, Live Wellington! Happy Kansas Wheat Festing!

Linda Yearout is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist at Hope's Place.