Will Ravenstein

Wellington Daily News

Trigger Guard range recently hosted a Glock Sport Shooting Foundation match, with shooters making their way from around the area to include shooters from outside the state.

The two-day event has seen increases in the number of attendees over the years.

In 2013, the first year hosting, there were 175 entries in the three event match. This year 420 entries placed lead onto targets with hopes of being the top shooter.

“That’s 420 shooters over the weekend,” Mike Yoder, owner, said. “At any one time we have 50-60 shooters. We do some steal challenge events and benefits for some organizations in Wichita and have 60 people run through. This year I talked to the guy and he has over 100 signed up for the steal challenge. So we will have at any one time 100 plus people out here.”

Yoder credits his crew of volunteer range safety officers for the numbers he sees.

“Quite honestly the range officers I have are wonderful, I couldn’t do the Glock matches without their help,” Yoder said. “This year the range officers were so great and things ran smoothly. People were commenting and complimenting the range officers, that’s why they come back is the fact that things are so smooth.”

One key focus to Yoder and his crew is safety. The veteran firearms instructor has 30 years experience training officers at the police academy and works with the sheriffs department and the county SWAT team.

“The big thing I have done for years, is safety is number one importance,” Yoder said. “Someone, either myself or one of my range safety officers, has to be out here. People can not just come out here and shoot. We monitor and watch people. I have been real fortunate the shooters we have out here are great people. Most of the people that come out here are absolutely sport shooters. They come out for the competitions or they are trying out new reloads or they come out for the leagues.”

While the range host a variety of events throughout the year, the range is open for area residents.

A person can either pay $10 an hour for the use of the range or can purchase a yearly membership for $150 single or $200 for immediate household family.

“If you come out more than once a month a yearly membership will pay for itself,” Yoder said. “Members also get a discount on entries for events.”

On top of the range being used for everyday shooters Yoder also conducts classes to included self-defense, and basic or advanced handgun glasses.