I love to watch the Olympics.

There has been much publication about the adversities Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has sustained as they attempt to prepare for a multitude of people from all over the world descending upon their city.

I have read about the lack of funding to provide enough law enforcement to assure the athletes are safe. I have read about the raw sewage in the waters that will host some of the water sports.

There was an article about how far behind the infrastructure is, and how some venues may not be complete in time for scheduled competition.

To top it all off, Brazil is having an outbreak of the mosquito born illness, Zika virus.

I saw at least one athlete say they would not be joining their team because they did not feel the risk of illness was worth the gain.

There has been trouble with the athletes, too.

The Russians are accused of using performance enhancing drugs that are not allowed in these games. Last I saw they were considering banning them; not sure how that one will turn out.

It seems that each country has had its struggles with hosting, so not to worry about this one.

Despite the difficulties, I have great anticipation for watching the Olympics. I am in awe of the dedication, God-given talent, and sheer athleticism. And I love a good competition; the Olympics are the epitome of competition to me.

I enjoy watching the passion on the faces of the athletes.

They have worked so very hard, sacrificing all the things you and I know as “normal” daily life. They live to train, and train to live. They have pushed themselves mentally and physically to limits most of us will never experience.

The athletes march into the Opening Ceremonies prideful to be chosen, and earned, representatives of their country.

Yes, I love to watch the Olympics.

I am hoping to see humility and sportsmanship this year.

I hope no one comes down with Zika, or gets a waterborne bacterial infection. I hope for camaraderie, teamwork, grace, acceptance, and fellowship. But most of all, I am praying for the safety of the athletes, judges, volunteers, staff, performers, spectators, as well as the country itself.

If all my hopes and prayers for the Olympics are answered, it is sure to be a great event.

Yes. Let the games begin.

Linda Yearout is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist at Hope's Place.