It has been said that I am a “shaker and a do-er.” I love to be busy. From one project to another, to learning something new, and challenging myself toward my next goal, I am on the go most all the time.

Someone said to me that I needed to slow down and enjoy life. My response: “Have no doubt, I enjoy life abundantly!” Just because I have lots of irons in the fire does not mean I do not enjoy life. On the contrary. I passionately enjoy doing a variety of things.

I spend my precious time doing what I love, and spending time with the one's I love. Sometimes that means I work more than the ‘normal’ 40- hour workweek, but that is because I have a passion for my work.

God called me to make a difference in other people’s lives, and my career allows me to serve my Lord as he has called me to do.

I have many different hobbies that includes caring for a plethora of critters. All in which I enjoy immensely. I spend time gardening, too. In the garden, I feel a sense of connection with God and His life-giving through our precious Earth.

I love to care for my physical health; the gospel tells us our body is the temple for God's dwelling. When I run, I spend many miles in prayer and worship. I pray for people in need, and I pray for my own healing and guidance to work in the ways God directs me. I absorb my surroundings, giving thanks to our glorious God for all he blesses us with.

When I spend time in His presence, prayerfully thinking, I gain His peace, direction, wisdom, guidance and direction on many different aspects. Through this rejuvenation, I get the energy to do the “shaking and doing” that is apparent to others. I let go, and let God.

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! Shankin' and doin', thankfully living the blessed life God has given me. Amen.

Linda Yearout is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist at Hope's Place.