Will Ravenstein

Wellington Daily News

Over 100 Wellington elementary students filled the multi-purpose room at Kennedy Elementary School Friday to mark the completion of the Kansas Reading Roadmap Summer School that USD 353 participated in.

Though Pomp and Circumstance was not played, the smiles on the faces of the graduates as they ran through the fan tunnel of teachers showed their excitement.

The month long program built upon concepts that began for the students in January. With extensive work on reading the students were able to mix more fun into the learning.

“The kids learned so much, I can’t wait to see how they apply it next year,” program coordinator Dr. Amy O’Connor said. “It was very good, it went very well. We had a great staff.”

The students not only worked on reading, but actively participated in STEAM events to make the reading more interesting and fun to them.

Wellington Superintendent, Dr. Mark Whitener, was present for the graduation ceremony and stated his excitement for the inaugural program.

“My excitement is because the kids were excited to be here,” he said. “They had a great time, which meant what we were doing, reading and math activities, helped as they were learning. They did do a lot of field trips and activities to help them have a great time, but they were engaged in high level science and reading too.”

Field trips included a visit to Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita along with a bowling and go cart expedition, all the while learning about life outside of Wellington.

O’Connor was pleased with the dedication that the students and parents showed with 35 kids present everyday of the program, to which they received a certificate.

“It was exciting, we had great attendance,” she said. “The parents made sure the kids were here.”

With the success this spring and summer, the data will be looked at to see if Wellington participates in the event in the future.