Wellington resident Janice Baker receives a better car as a gift from her friend

The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. For Traci Mclaughlin, that was never more clear than the issue of her former co-worker from the Sonic in Wellington, Janice Baker. Afflicted with colon cancer and now having to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, things were not looking good for Janice.

She had been reduced to walking to both of her jobs at both Slate Creek Nursing Home and Sonic. From her home near 4th Street and Highway 81, it was proving to be quite the walk. She did have a 1977 Buick, but it had no heat or air and the brakes required quite the effort in making work.

For Traci, there was no other alternative. She was going to do whatever she could to make life better for her friend, Janice. She found a newer vehicle for her at an area dealership on a Black Friday special. All she needed to do was raise the money for the $600 to get the vehicle. To do that, she sold over thirty dozen cinnamon rolls and peanut brittle. She also took to selling all of her own non-essential items. In the end, she raised $1,200 through both her bake sales and a GoFundMe page.

This past Friday, with supporting citizens and local media present, Traci and her husband Justin presented Janice with her new vehicle.

After Janice took her new vehicle around the block, she said, "This is like a miracle to me. I could get in my car, it will be nice and warm and not freezing anymore. I got brakes! I can stop! This is like heaven."

Traci says she plans to raise more money for Janice as she waits to get on disability.