Cowley College in Wellington is the best idea of all best ideas.

Much has been written and said over the past year about the idea of Cowley College having a campus in Wellington.  As the year ends, I am going to add my voice to the masses.  
I did not graduate from Cowley College.  I graduated as a Moundbuilder from Southwestern College in 2002, but my brief time at Cowley College still meant a lot to me.  Going to Cowley in the late 1990s was the time I left home, grew up, and got a start on the person I was going to be.  When I first went there in 1995, I thought I was going to be going into criminal justice and had given consideration of going into the Secret Service.  I really believed I was going to go into law enforcement.  Before this time I had been cranking out stories of varying lengths from middle school all the way through my senior year when I graduated.  There was a time that I really did not want to do writing anymore.  I was going to do the all-American thing and re-invent myself into who I thought I should be.  
Going to college allowed me that moment to try things with my life.  It gave me freedom and opportunity.  It gave me the start of a long, winding road that led through a whole lot of sea of heartbreak and drama before it finally got me to this amazing job I have now.  
Of course, my time at Cowley College gave me the maturity and life experience to know I really was meant to be a writer.  You can read all about it in my first novel from 2004, Until August, available at the Wellington Public Library.  
Is college for everyone?  It really is not.  If you are perfectly happy with your life and job after you graduate high school, you might not want to consider college.  If you absolutely hated high school with its daily structure and teachers telling you what to do, then going onward to college would likely be the bane of your existence.  
There are people, though, who want the opportunity to better themselves.  They want the chance to have a better job and a wonderful life.  This is why having a Cowley College campus here in Wellington is such a great thing.  It gives people, who want that chance to go the extra mile in life, the opportunity they previously didn’t have in Wellington.  If they wanted it, they had to go someplace else:  Mulvane, Winfield, or even Arkansas City.  Having a college campus in Wellington will actually give an opportunity to young people that they did not previously have.   
With that campus, you also have to bring in people to run it:  teachers, custodians, tech people, office people, etc.  Those people will have a reason to move to Wellington for the jobs they get here.  That will lead to a population increase.  It’s something Wellington needs.  Make America great again?  Let’s start with Wellington.  
That is why Cowley College in Wellington is a pretty good thing.  I hope people will give this a chance once it opens next year.