I was crappie fishing at Wellington City Lake on December 13th, using a 16-ft pole, 8-10 lb. fishing line, and a tiny jig hook baited with a one-inch plastic tube jig.  What I thought to be a snag turned into my all-time biggest “landed” personal fresh water record on a rod and reel.  This was an epic battle and my chances were less than 2%; my hook was only made for a 3 lb. fish, my pole for 3-4 lb, and my test line was 8-10 lb. max.  My 16-foot crappie pole was designed for small crappie and my fishing reel is the smallest ultralight that can be bought.  After an hour of fighting this massive fish through Christmas tree snags and huge rocks off the pier in 14-16 feet of water, with my rod bent over to double any McDonalds arch sign, drag pulling at its will, I learned that there was little to no control over this freshwater terrorist.  It was hellbent on destroying my patience and my fishing gear, and it wanted to turn this into yet another dreamed-up fish tale.  Over an hour later, after scaling walkway rails and balancing on boulders on the edge of the water, all the while concentrating on not breaking the limits of my body or gear, I convinced this beast to surrender more than 150 feet from where I originally jigged it into a bight.  The boat ramp was used for more than landing a boat this day!  Humbly speaking, there are bigger fish but not many this size landed on ultralight tackle. It was over 40 lbs and over 48 inches long.  Skinny winter weight? The same fish would have yielded over 50 lbs fat and full in its summer weight.  The Fish was a qualified size to receive a Master Angler Certificate for the state of Kansas.  Merry Christmas and thanks for reading the post. Glen Keen