Tristin James Witham, a 2017 Wellington High School graduate, returned home for the holidays. He is on leave from Fort Benning, Georgia.  His mother is Casey Witham; his grandparents are Tim and Jackie Fullerton of Mayfield.  
Tristin is currently a private with the 4th Platoon E. Co. Infantry.  
His journey home for the holidays was an eventful one, being delayed only seventeen minutes in Atlanta due to the power outage, but just barely missing a tornado that impacted Houston just after he flew out towards Wichita.  Once the stewardess became aware of who he was, he was bumped up as a courtesy to first class.  
His family was there to greet him when he arrived at Eisenhower Airport in Wichita.
Tristin will head back to Fort Benning next month to graduate Basic Training.  After that, he says he does not know where he will be going after that point.