The results were released to local media late this afternoon of the petition submitted to the county election clerk regarding the issue of automated sanitation in Wellington.  The number of valid signatures required was 275, representing 5% of the registered voters in Wellington (5,493).
Of the 41 pages received, containing 331 signatures, it was determined that 170 signatures were accepted and 161 were rejected.  This does not constitute enough signatures required for the City of Wellington to call for an election of the registered voters.  
Those rejected were for the following reasons:
5  circulator cannot witness his/her own signature
1 district is incorrect
2 ineligible information
3 name or signature does not match registration
18 residence does not match registration
118 time—circulator signature improperly predated voter signature (s)
—no date or illegible date of signature
14 unregistered

More to follow in next Wednesday’s newspaper.