For Wellington resident Chris Miller, Arrive Alive, Let Me Drive all started when a friend of his did not make it home safely one night.  Although they survived, they still had an accident, and that was when Miller decided there was something he could do. Following a divorce when he was left wondering what his next move might be. He decided after the incident involving his friend that he would step up and make a difference.
“They need someone they can call so they don’t make that mistake and cause a fatality.”
Over the course of his first year, he gave rides to forty-six people altogether.  “Any time during the year that I am involved, I put it out on Facebook.  If I am not in town, I have volunteers that help me out, when I am busy or unavailable.”
To get people to and from their destinations safely, Miller drives a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab truck with his logo banner displayed on the side of it.  It was provided by Riverside Banners in Wichita, which only charged him just for the banner and donated the labor in appreciation of the service he provides.  
Locally, Dena Martens at Wheatland Services printed the cards, and Christy Bales paid for them to be printed. 
Miller wants it to be known that “there is no cost to this.  It is all free.  Tips are appreciated, but unnecessary.”  With those tips he receives, he “donates to someone he knows to pay it forward.”
This past Christmas weekend, he had ten people that contacted him for rides.  One of those called for him to assist a motorist outside the Wellington VFW who had left their headlights on, thus requiring a jump-start.  
“Last year was pretty busy, much busier than I thought it would be,” Miller says, still sounding amazed.  “After midnight, the calls started coming in.” He currently operates within a five-mile radius of Wellington. He put his phone number on his Facebook page for people in Wellington to call if they need a ride.  He can be reached at 620-440-9433.
Still, he emphasizes, “It’s all free.  One call can save us all.”
He says the start of 2018 has already been a huge success for him.  He topped last year’s total, but believes the cold played a major role in dampening the enthusiasm of some.  
He had the assistance of Bill Rowe in helping get people to and from safely.  There were 22 riders on New Year’s Eve and into the overnight hours.  
He has received a great deal of appreciation from all circles in Wellington.  Recently, while he was at Sonic, he was surprised by a police officer who pulled up next to him and thanked him for what he does.  That means a lot, Miller admits.
In the end, if people need his help, he says, “I would rather get them to and from a place without them moving their ve