As an editor, it is almost a 24-7 job.  All that time I spent in the past being a news junkie, checking news on such sites as KWCH, KAKE, or even the Drudge Report, have come in handy for this job.  You hear of someone famous dying?  You go and check sources.  You hear someone like Paul Walker died?  You get more than source before you get on Facebook and confirm with your friends and family that, yes, it is shocking and, unfortunately, true.  Of course, there are also stories that turn out to be true, but some people still refuse to believe.  They call it fake news.  In psychiatric terms, it is also called denial.  It’s not just a river in Egypt.  
That is the world we live in.
When I am not hitting the streets of Wellington or at my office, I am home working on the newspaper.  Being deluged with the daily doom and gloom of humanity is enough to drive any sane person off their rocker.  It is the age in which cynics are born and flourish.  So, how do you cope?
Marathons of classic television hit the spot for me.  Luckily, for me there was a New Year’s marathon of the Twilight Zone on the SciFi Channel.  Watching such classics such as “Night Caller”, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”, “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”, and other terrific episodes show that human being really are a puzzling species.  The sharp, twisty writing of Rod Serling do a lot to seal the deal, too.
Switching the channel over to the marathons of MASH on either Spike, TV Land, AMC, or Sundance really get the heart racing.  You get people trying really hard to maintain their humanity in the face of constant war.  It is actually optimistic in its view for most of the series as Hawkeye maintained a crazy, witty sense of humor in the face of all the violence.  Set in the Korean War, the world hasn’t changed all that much.  It moves faster and people are more connected, but we still have the same problems we always had.   
Ever the optimist, I always liked Star Trek, with its idea that humanity would eventually survive its bickering and incessant warfare.  It would journey to the stars and go where no one had gone before.  As I get older, I am somewhat cynical humanity will ever get that far.  It is a nice dream to think of, but one peek at the latest news headline seems to put the kibosh on that idea.  Just when humanity does something outstanding, it will then go and do something pretty awful.  
We are a promising species with so much potential.    It would just really be nice if we could make that trek to the stars as opposed to always being stuck in the twilight zone. It might be the only case where a Captain Kirk would be better than Rod Serling.