Kevin McClung is the owner of KPM Computers in Winfield.  We asked him to write about his memories of long-time Wellington resident Raymond Schalk, who passed away Jan. 15, at the age of 96.  McClung was Schalk’s grandson by marriage.
My grandmother had lost her 2nd husband and he stepped in. Was a great guy in all ways. Left frequently to go donate blood and at 65 years old would take me out to play tennis every time I visited and beat me every single time. I spent countless days playing under the 2 big trees at 1228 N. A. right across from the hospital. I would go to the hospital with the 2 while grandma helped prepare the meals and I would drive around and deliver the "meals on wheels" with grandpa. Even though he wasn't a paternal grandfather he adopted us as his own grandchildren. I was the oldest of all the grandchildren at the time and really enjoyed my visits to Wellington. Even when I went into the USAF after high school I frequented their house. Grandma always made a great spaghetti as well as a fantastic dinner at all of the holidays. I can only hope to be the kind of grandparents that I had growing up to my children's children. There are very few things in the world that I can compare to a grandparent's unconditional love.  
The hardest part is I haven't seen him for 15 years or so as he remarried and I certainly didn't want to interfere or add an awkwardness.
He did make it a point to come visit me at KPM, when we opened, with his new wife after grandma died and the funny thing was I felt an instant attraction to her as a grandmother :) He did very well... I probably will not attend the funeral as he wasn't immediate family,  but yet at the same time, I do want anyone to know how much of an impact he had on me and my grandmother.