I am truly lucky to get to bring my kids to work with me.
Granted, there are people who do get to do that, but there are also others who are not as fortunate.  
Aiden is ten years old while his younger sister Shaylee is almost seven.  Their mom and I have been divorced since 2011, but we share custody.  
These past four months. I have been fortunate enough  to take my kids with me to basketball games all around the area.  They have gotten to enjoy going into the gyms at the high schools in Wellington and Winfield and El Dorado, among others.  I have loved getting to see the looks of awe on their faces as they first enter these large arenas.  
Aiden has developed quite a love for cameras and photography.  I brought him to his first city council meeting several weeks ago and he enjoyed seeing the camera and tripod that the person from Channel 55 was using.  He loves using the big camera at basketball games and follows the action.  I have been so proud of watching his talent develop.
Shaylee enjoys spending any time she can with me.  She is truly a daddy’s girl.  She got her first photo credit the night we went to Winfield for a basketball game and got another one in El Dorado recently.  She’s at the age she adores princesses, Dachshund puppies and unicorns so I am trying to get her to see new things.  We took in a stray cat recently we swore was a girl that has a magnificent mustache.  She wanted to name the cat Bart.  Recently, we took Bart in to get fixed, and were surprised the cat was actually a boy.  Shaylee took it kind of hard, as we already have two boy cats.  There’s always room for another cat, right?
They love coming with me on days they don’t have school and hang out with me in the office.  I love telling them about the history of the place.  They have enjoyed exploring the older part of the newspaper office.  They get a kick out of hearing my stories of places I have visited around Wellington.  They enjoy going out to eat at places like Penny’s Diner, the Dore, or any of the other places we have not tried yet.  
Being a divorced dad is tough, but I try really hard to involve my kids with my job.  If nothing else, I hope they see something they find interesting and positive and decide that is what they want to do.  If Aiden wants to go into something like photography or if Shaylee wants to try writing, I could not be more proud of them.
They are truly the very best.