Following the contentious city council meeting, we attempted to get comments and reactions from the various council members, as well as Gary Clements, the originator of the ill-fated petition that he launched against the automated trash proposal late last year.  This article will update as more comments come in.

Kip Etter:  
I thought it was a clear display of inexperience & the 3 new members got exactly what they asked for when they requested for the previous council to wait until they were seated.  Never-mind the fact that The City operates on approximately $10 million annual budget which works out to somewhere around $700k a month so their request was that the 6/7 duely elected officials who were previously elected ran things & were very involved in this entire lengthy process.  The new members (& Valentine) obviously were not as educated on the topic & listened to the group that made the most noise.

I will not vote for anything other than to privatize the entire sanitation department nor will I waste more of my precious time in order for the new elected officials can be brought up to speed on a topic that should have been decided on by the previous council.

Furthermore, I will no longer allow the members of the council communicate false information such as was done tonight on 2 different occasions by Soria.  One regarding the hospital & how it is operating in the black.  That is false & only showing that way because they are not paying all of their bills (bond payments & utility bills just to name 2) & are being artificially propped up by in excess of $2 million annually in what amounts to "grants".

The 2nd topic that he was off basis on was regarding the DVIR logs.  It is a shame for him to try to communicate to the public through his position information that is incomplete or false.
Valentine did the same thing in the article that was in the newspaper.  These individuals use inaccurate information &/or figures to try & further their agenda & it's wrong on so many levels.

Since the 1st day that I sat on the council I've had to deal with issue after issue that previous council(s) have for whatever reason choose not to deal with, they've kicked the can down the road & we've had to deal with all of this.  tonight this inexperienced council did they exact same thing & it is sad.”

Kevin Dodds:
“The people spoke and the council listened.  I voted the way I did because of the overwhelming opposition that I received from our citizens.  I had only a few last minute emails in support of this proposal.  I am not sure what to make of the “end of times” mentality that ensued after the vote.  I will state this for the record, “I will not support privatization of our sanitation department “.

Joseph Soria:
“I feel that Wellington citizens were well represented and their voices heard.”

(in response to Council Member Etter's comments)

"Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you his level and beat you with experience”. Mark Twain."  

Gary Clements (filed the petition against the proposal late last year) (in response to the question of of whether he feels vindicated) “I would not use the word vindicated as this issue is not about me.  I would say that the voters’ voices were heard on this issue, I truly believe in our form of government.  It is about the people, for the people and by the people.  It has been my experience in politics that the government serves the people, it just sometime seems to be it’s the people serving the government.  Sometime there just needs to be a reminder to set us back on the right path, like we saw last night.

Robert Hamilton: Last nights vote was definitely exciting. On one hand, I found it very disappointing to hear such vitriol and anger toward new members who's first act is naturally going be in line with campaign promises and establishing an independent voice. On the other hand, I can see the frustration that would come from a project being stopped dead which took lots of hard work and is thought to be desperately needed.

I believe in these moments experienced leaders would not draw battle lines but immediately reach out, regroup, and reflect on what they could have done better or different. Welcome new members regardless. Ask could we have presented the project better? Did we attempt to educate and inform in everyway we could. Is the proposal really the best or did we miss something? Come together and charge forward.