The Lady Crusaders scored big wins in their games against the El Dorado Wildcats last Friday night in El Dorado.  The junior varsity girls kicked things off first, playing an abbreviated two quarters against the Wildcats, owing to the number of people down on the Wildcats’ side.  The junior varsity Crusaders won by a slim margin of 20-18.
WHS 20 EHS 18 (10-2) (5-0)
Lexi Clift 5, McKenna Jones 3, Delaney Parkey 3, Mykiland French 3, Kylie Aufdengarten 3, Draven Warnock 2, Myriland French 1
When the varsity girls stepped up, they got right down to business with Shayland French quickly scoring for the Crusaders twenty seconds into the game, followed by Jacelyn Buck with a three-pointer.  Less than a minute into the game, Wellington lead 5-0 over the Wildcats.
Avery Rusk then jumped in with a succession of points of her own for the Crusaders, giving the Crusaders a 10-0 lead over the Wildcats.  
By this point, though, the whistles were being blown left and right as the Crusaders also lead on fouls 3-1 over the Wildcats.  
Hailey Eaton finally was able to put points on the board for the Wildcats, making both of her shots from the free-throw line, with the score now at 10-2.  Gracie Fink countered with two points of her own for the Crusaders, while Channing Kimble countered with another two for the Wildcats.  With 2:41 remaining in the first quarter, the score stood at 12-4 with the Crusaders maintaining their lead.
Jacelyn Buck scored another two for the Crusaders, with Avery Rusk dunking in a three-pointer, making it a 17-4 game with 2:11 remaining in the quarter.
Rylee Rusk, for the Crusaders, made her shot from the free-throw line with less than a minute remaining, while Brooklyn Motter made two for the Wildcats.  The score stood at 18-6 at the end of the first quarter, with the Wildcats ahead of the Crusader in fouls 8-6.  
Starting out for the second quarter, Jacelyn Buck scored again for the Crusaders, while Mallory Parsons and Hailey Eaton got into the action for the Wildcats leaving the score at 20-9.  
The whistles continued to be blown at a rapid rate, with the fouls piling up for both teams.  The Wildcats still lead 9-7.
Rylee Rusk and Shayland French each were able to get more points in to vastly increase the Crusaders’ lead over the Wildcats of 24-9.  With 4:55 remaining in the half, time out was called by the Wildcats.  
Returning from the time out, Kelsi McLaren was then able to score another two for the Wildcats, but the Crusaders quickly countered with efforts by Avery Rusk and Taylor Meyer that made it 28-11 wirth 3:29 remaining in the half.  
Thanks to a pair of three-pointers from Meyer for the Crusaders, the score was now at 34-11.  Madi Michaelis scored from the free-throw line for the Wildcats, while Rylee Rusk and Alexus Clift jumped in for the Crusaders from the same position.  
At the end of the half, the Crusaders lead by 25 points at 38-13, but were tied on fouls with the Wildcats at an alarming 10-10.  
Coming back out onto the court for the second half, it was clear this was one of the biggest leads the Crusader ever had at this point.  Still, the Wildcats were scrappy out on the court, putting up a spirited defense that was never quite enough to overcome the Crusader onslaught.  
Katie Fox and Kelsi McLaren contributed three points for the Wildcats, but were overpowered by the efforts from Shayland French, Avery Rusk, and Taylor Meyer for the Crusaders.  With 3:23 remaining in the third quarter, the score stood at 47-16.  Not long after, the Wildcats called another time out.
As the clock ran out on the third quarter, Avery Rusk scored another two for the Crusaders, and Madi Michaelis was among one of the scorers for the Wildcats, leaving the 49-23.  
Although the whistles were not blowing as much during the second half, the Wildcats still lead in foul by 4-3.
Headed into the home stretch, efforts by Shayland French and Rylee Rusk for the Crusaders made it a 30-point ball game with a lead of 53-23.  Despite efforts by Hailey Eaton for the Wildcats, the Crusaders dominated right up until the end with McKenna Jones and Draven Warnock contributing points up until the very end.  In the end, the fouls were still an issue for both teams, with the Crusaders having the edge over the Wildcats at 7-5.  The Lady Crusaders still pulled out a 32-point win over the Wildcats at 62-31

WHS 62 EHS 31 (7-6) (3-2)
Avery Rusk 16, Shayland French 12, Taylor Meyer 11, Jacelyn Buck 7, Rylee Rusk 4, Lexi Clift 3, Draven Warnock 3, Gracie Fink 2, McKenna Jones 2
Field Goals 15/31 48%, Free Throws 12/23 52% 3 Pointers 6/19 32% / Turnovers 18
Off. Reb. 7,  Def. Reb. 16, Steals 23, Asst. 14.
Earlier in the evening, the junior varsity boys earned a win for Wellington and moved to 5-6 on the season overall with a score of 40-36 over the Wildcats.  

WHS 40 EHS 36 (5-6) (2-3)
Silas Popplewell 12, Austin Soles 8, Tyler Brown 7, Cade Fairbanks 3, Jacob Ewing 2, Chance Hamel 2, Blake Rausch 2, John Long 2
Unfortunately, for the varsity boys Crusaders, despite a good fight, they lost to the varsity boys Wildcats 46-39.  
WHS 39 EHS 46 (4-9) (2-3)
Ian King 12, Silas Popplewell 7, Grey Hatfield 6, DeAndre Washington 6, Jihad Mutazammil 5, Jack Walton 3.
Up next for the Crusaders will be the Feb.6th game with Buhler played at Wellington High School.  C-Team Boys will start things off at 4:15, followed by the JV Boys, both in the auxiliary gym at the high school. Varsity Girls play at 6:00 p.m., followed by the Varsity Boys in the main gym at 7:30 p.m.
The junior varsity and varsity girls Crusaders will be traveling to Winfield next Monday, Feb. 12, to make up their game that was cancelled a few weeks ago due to the cold.  Game times are 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
The very next day, the Crusaders will be playing at home against Rose Hill.  Game times are C-team boys at 4:15 p.m.,  junior varsity boys at 5:45 p.m., , and varsity boys at 7:30 p.m.
The junior varsity girls will play against Rose Hill at 4:15 p.m., while the varsity girls follow at 6:00 p.m.