An exhibit showcasing the Magna Carta is now on display for public viewing in the vestibule of the Sumner County Courthouse.  
The exhibit celebrates the signing of the Magna Carta in England over 800 years ago, and the importance of that document on democracy in the United States.  
This exhibit was created by the Library of Congress and the American Bar Association and has been displayed across America the past two years.  
Judge  William Mott worked in conjunction with the Attorney General’s office in Topeka in getting the exhibit to Sumner County.  
Mott and County Commissioner Steve Warner were on hand last Thursday to formally open the exhibit which can be viewed during normal business hours at the courthouse, Monday-Friday, 8:00  a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Commissioner Warner said he was “excited about it.  The exhibit  is “a lot to process, but is very well done and informative for anyone with any interest in the mechanics of how our country was founded.”  Judge Mott said it “feels good to see people showing up.”  He feels this exhibit shows the “importance of the separation of powers.” and also stresses the “civic duty” he hopes this will remind people of the importance of.  He wishes people felt more strongly about such matters as voting and showing up for jury duty.  
The exhibit includes sections dealing with the Enduring Legacy of the Magna Carta 1215-2015.  It also goes into detail regarding elements of the United States Constitution that had its origins in the Magna Carta.