Wellington High School senior Aaron Schoemann signed today to play football for Ottawa University in the fall of 2018.  Schoemann said, “I am pretty excited.  It has always been a dream to play college football.  At the same time, it is nerve-wracking because I want to do good, and bring pride to my school.”  Aaron went on to say, “I chose Ottawa,  because on my college visit I thought it would fit me really well; it is small and close to home.”  Looking back on his time in high school football, Aaron thinks he did pretty well, having participated in attaining league honors.
His father, Jason Schoemann  said he is “thrilled to death.  He has worked hard, and now it is going to pay off.  This is his leap for life,  Plus, he gets to play football.  I am very proud of him.”  He joked, “Too bad it is not OU, but we will deal with it.”
Jennifer, Aaron’s mother, added, “I am so excited and very proud of him.  I’m nervous, but he is going to have a lot of family members who live nearby.”