First off, I do not live in Wellington, or even in Sumner County.  However, I make my living here because it is a community I greatly enjoy.  My job is to talk to people, and from what I hear, Wellington is in trouble.
The population has been declining for quite some time, meaning the tax base is also shrinking.  In 2000, Wellington peaked out at 8,647 people, dropping 5.5% in 2010 to 8,172, and then shrinking even further in 2016 by 3.5% to an estimated 7,889.  That’s a lot of people. 
The sales tax in Sumner County is currently at 7.5%, while the sales tax in Wellington currently sits at 9.5%.  With a shrinking populace, that is a pretty big burden to place on them. 
It was controversial at the time, but the arrival of Cowley College is hopefully going to be a gamble that pays off for Wellington.  One of the things Wellington desperately needs is giving people a reason to come to town and stay there.  Having a college campus is a great idea.  It gives people a reason to come and stay here.  The agricultural and computer sciences courses that will be offered exclusively at the campus will hopefully bring in the best and the brighest.  The buildings are coming up nicely out on the east side of town and they will be even better once they are done later this year and next.  
Unfortunately, Wellington is suffering from a crisis.  The first is that the people of Wellington are angry at their city government.  They do not like the amount of taxes they have to pay.  It would be one thing if they were getting bang for their buck, but when they see their tax dollars going towards something like improvements to the golf course, but not on the neglected streets and roads they would rather see repaired, then they get angry.  Many people did not want to see the college come to Wellington.  They did not like the details of how it would be paid for, but it was finally voted on by a county-wide referendum. That was it, we moved forward.
Recently, the automated trash issue finally came to a vote, and it rather dramatically was defeated last Tuesday evening in a very contentious city council meeting. 
All of the residents of Wellington truly want to be positive and are proud of their hometown, but they have not been given a any good reasons for many years now.  They don’t hate Wellington; they hate what it has become and they hate footing the bill for projects they do not believe in. 
Wellington doesn’t want drama. They want solutions to the problems they’re facing. They want solutions that make sense.