AJ Snipes is a seventeen year old senior at Wellington High School.  Recently, he sat down to talk with us about his final season playing basketball for the Crusaders.
Looking back, AJ says, “The best part of the season is all the memories with all my teammates and working hard together everyday; the low would definitely be the injuries;  and the season has not gone the way we wanted it to go at all.”
He says, “It's been tough playing without one of our better scorers, Cade Phelps. He tore his ACL in football, and I have to be out from a concussion against Winfield, but the team has been doing well while we have been out.”
Looking back at that fateful night, he says, “I was going up for a rebound and got elbowed in the head by one of Winfield’s players. I didn't get knocked out,  but I don't remember any of it.  I saw on the film that I walked out of the gym then came back falling all over the place.”  He remembers feeling “really sad knowing that I wouldn't be on the court again with my team.”
AJ also announced that he “won't be able to play (Friday). I tried to practice today, but I started getting symptoms again so I have to sit out.”
On a positive note, AJ is “really excited” about graduating in May.  “I am hoping to play basketball at a juco next year.  I am not sure which one. I am still looking around.”