It was one of the greatest comeback games this season for the Crusaders.  As they prepare to finish out the season, the Crusaders journeyed to Mulvane to play one of their last regular games last Friday night.  
As the game got underway, it was a rough start for both teams as their shot accuracy was proving to be a problem.  It was a full minute into the game before the Crusaders were the first to get points onto the board.  Thanks to another basket by John Long for the Crusaders, the score was soon at 4-0 with 5:59 remaining in the first quarter.  
It took Mulvane a little bit longer to get their points in, but with the assistance of Nate Silvers, the Wildcats were soon tied with the Crusaders at 4-4 with 2:35 remaining.  
Not long after a time out was called with 1:40 remaining, play was resumed and Blake Saffell was able to score two for the Crusaders from the free-throw line, making it 7-4 at the end of the first quarter.  
At the start of the second quarter, the Crusaders were also leading on fouls 4-3.  Both sides, however, seemed warmed up as the score as Wellington briefly managed to attain a lead of 9-6 over Mulvane.  Thanks to a three-pointer from Mulvane, though, the score was soon tied at 9-9 with five minutes remaining in the first half.  
Tanner Meyer came through for the Crusaders as they briefly pulled ahead 11-9 with 4:55 remaining.  It was a three-pointer from Mulvane, however, that gave them the lead again at 12-11.  Time out was called soon after.  
Despite a missed opportunity by Joshua Miller from the free-throw line for Mulvane, they were still able to score more points soon after to where they now lead 16-11 over the Crusaders with 2:41 remaining in the half.  
An effort from Trenton Bannister for the Crusaders helped tighten it a bit to 18-13, but Nate Cassube made his shot from the free-throw line for Mulvane and made the score 19-13.  
With less than a minute remaining in the half, it was Tanner Meyer for the Crusaders who scored the last points before the buzzer.  Headed into halftime, the Crusaders trailed the Mulvane Wildcats 20-15.  
Coming back out of the locker room, the Crusaders were determined to make up points with the Mulvane Wildcats.  Within the first twenty seconds, the Crusaders had brought the score to much tighter 20-17, but the Wildcats still were throwing the three-pointers, making it 23-17.  Soon, the Wildcats had managed to make it a ten-point game over the Crusaders.  For much of the rest of the third quarter, the Wildcats managed their double-digit lead over the Crusaders.  However, as the seconds ticked off towards the buzzer, the Crusaders were beginning to fight back to close the gap.  The score stood at 31-24.  
Headed into the home stretch, Trenton Bannister, for the Crusaders, quickly scored again and narrowed the gap 31-26.  Another subsequent basket for the Crusaders made it 31-28.  It was a three-pointer from Berkley Wright for the Crusaders that once again made it a tied game at 31-31.  It was an amazing last few minutes of gameplay, as the Crusaders managed to overcome at what was once a twelve-point gap.  
With five minutes remaining in the game, the Crusaders finally pulled ahead again with 33-31.  Trenton Bannister managed a doozy of an intercept from Mulvane that lead to the Crusaders increasing their lead 35-31.  With 3:41 remaining in the game, Bannister made it from the free-throw line to increase the lead 36-31.  
It was clear that the tide had turned with the Mulvane Wildcats leading the Crusaders in fouls 10-3.  With 2:31 remaining, time out was called.  Coming back, it was another effort by the Crusaders’ Berkley Wright that helped them increase the lead 39-31.  
Mulvane knew time was running out with 1:22 remaining, so they were doing their best to cram in the points as much as possible.  They were able to tighten it to 39-35 as the one minute buzzer rang out.  It was truly getting to be a nail-biter as time was running out.
In the end, the Crusaders were able to win over the Mulvane Wildcats 45-43.  It was truly a magnificent come from behind victory for the Crusaders, but it was a very close call right up until the very end.  
WHS 45 MHS 43
Tyler Brown 16, John Long 10, Silas Popplewell 7, Austin Soles 4, Brayden Higginbotham 4, Cade Fairbanks 2, Blake Rausch 2
WHS 43 MHS 37 (6-9) (3-4)
Tanner Meyer 12, Berkeley Wright 10, Blake Saffell 8, Trenton Bannister 7, John Long 6
WHS 53 MHS 61 (5-12) (2-5)
Ian King 22, Jihad Mutazammil 13, Joe Ybarra 8, Jack Walton 5, DeAndre Washington 2, Grey Hatfield 1
WHS 55 MHS 30 (12-4) (6-1)
Myriland French 13, Draven Warnock 9, Lexi Clift 9, McKenna Jones 7, Mykiland French 6, Natalie Henning 6, Kadin Brown 5
WHS 59 MHS 25 (9-8) (4-3)
Avery Rusk 16, Taylor Meyer 8, Shayland French 8, Draven Warnock 7, Lexi Clift 6, Rylee Rusk 5, Jacelyn Buck 4, Mekenna Adams 3, Gracie Fink 2
According to Athletic DirectorLuke Smith, “We will make up our games from Tuesday (that were cancelled due to the weather) with Clearwater on February 26th. Game times will be the same as scheduled for Tuesday night.
We will still have the NHS Taco Dinner and Senior Night between Varsity games, and our Winter Guard will perform at halftime of the boys game.”