It was released on February 15th, 1985 and went on to gross over 51 million dollars at the box office. It is widely regarded as one of the best movies ever made about high school. Boasting a popular soundtrack, that included the hit song “Don’t You Forget About Me,” the music alone is popular with people today. On Thursday, March 15th, at 7:00 p.m., audiences will be able to see it again on the big screen at the Wellington Regent Theater.
Tickets for The Breakfast Club are on sale at the Regent Theater box office. Advance tickets sell for six dollars, while tickets will go for eight dollars on the day of the show.
However, it all started with an off-the-cuff remark made by Christopher Miller on Facebook about what movies people wished would be shown at the Regent. When he mentioned The Breakfast Club, people became very interested and supportive of the idea.
Jerry Fike, who manages the Regent, quickly made some calls and found he would able to get the film to Wellington. Still, it is not without risks. “Too many times I have done this and taken it on the chin. You gotta pay for the movies whether anyone shows up or not. I think this one will get there.”
In the past, Jerry says, he “did a Beatles weekend a while back. Eight people showed up each night. I lost my tell on some of these things.”
Still, he says, “Clueless did reasonable. Christmas Vacation did real well. But, some of the other movies I’ve tried to show have been very disappointing and costly.” Jerry says the films’ costs vary between “250-500 dollars, and you have to pay a percentage of what you make. You generally pay 35%, but on the specialty films, it can go as high as 50%.“
Before the demolition process of the old Masonic Building blocked off the road to the east, Jerry says the “classic movie series for the senior citizens was going reasonably well. Once the street opens back up, I want to start showing those again.“
On March 7th, Jerry will have British stand-up comedian Steve Hirst at the Regent.  Steve Hirst comes all the way from Manchester, England. Now based out of Dallas, Hirst performs his crowd pleasing act on American stages nationwide. Steve's unique brand of humor manages to translate the comical differences between the United Kingdom and our country.  His act has often been described as a mix between Benny Hill and the movie Snatch.
 He also has in mind a spaghetti western program. Starting in March, he would like to have spaghetti dinners before the start of a movie. He plans to show the 1969 Charles Bronson film Once Upon a Time in the West.
“The special movies are what people mention wanting to see on the bring screen. We try to take into consideration what people want to see.”