It was a mixed evening for the Crusaders as the girls varsity and junior varsity triumphed over the Wichita Collegiate Spartans in their last away from home regular game of the season.  The boys, however, fought hard but still came up short against the Spartans.  The real story of the night was the devastating duo of Avery and Rylee Rusk as they helped contribute to a powerful ten-point win over the Spartans 47-37.  
Although the Spartans had the ball starting off, it was Rylee Rusk who got the first points on the board for the Crusaders twenty-three seconds into the game.  What followed was a very rapid fire move and counter-move between the Crusaders and the Spartans.  Anna Coughlin tied it for the Spartans at 2-2, but Rylee Rusk brought the Crusaders another two, to make it 4-2.  The Spartans, however, did it again, making it 4-4.  It was a three-point effort by Mekenna Adams for the Crusaders that enabled them to pull away from the Spartans.  A joint effort from Avery and Rylee Rusk brought the Crusaders to a nice lead of 11-4.
Maddy Mairs brought the Spartans up 11-6, but it was Shayland French who helped increase the lead for the Crusaders 13-6 before time out was called with 3:31 remaining in the first quarter.  
Coming back onto the court, the Spartans managed to surprise everyone with the first three-pointer to tighten the lead to 13-9.  It was Taylor Meyer who got the first three-pointer for the Crusaders that brought the score to 16-9.  Meyer brought in another two points.  Maddy Mairs scored another two for the Spartans.  By the time the dust settled at the end of the first quarter, the Crusaders lead 18-11 over the Spartans.  
Beginning the second quarter, Kennedy Brandenburg got her first points on the board for the Spartans to bring the score to 18-13 with 7:35 remaining in the first half.  Thanks to an assist from Maddie Reed, the Spartans narrowed the Crusaders’ lead to 18-15.  
Avery Rusk jumped into action again for the Crusaders, but it was another effort from the Spartans’ Maddie Reed from the free-throw line that made the score a still close 20-16.  
It was clear that both teams were waging an intense back and forth shoot-out.  It was just a question of who was going to get worn out first.  Jacelyn Buck got onto the board for the Crusaders to make it 22-16 with 5:51 remaining in the first half.  It was Maddie Reed with another three-pointer for the Spartans that tightened the score once again with the Crusaders at a 22-19 lead with 4:08 remaining.  The Spartans were leading on fouls over the Crusaders at 5-3.  Time out was called with 3:03 remaining.  
It was a combo of points from Draven Warnock, Avery Rusk, and Rylee Rusk for the Crusaders that enabled it to be a ten-point game at the end of the first quarter.  The score stood at 29-19.
The second half got started with plenty of fanfare as it was hoped either side would be able to keep up some kind of momentum with scoring.  What followed instead was best described as a prolonged dry streak as no matter how hard each side tried, they just could not score a point.  It was left to Avery Rusk for the Crusaders to finally end the dry streak with 3:30 remaining in the third quarter.  Maddie Reed swiftly followed up with a three-pointer for the Spartans to make the score 31-22 with 2:54 remaining in the third quarter.    
Shayland French managed to score again for the Crusaders, but was followed up by yet another spectacular three-pointer from Maddie Reed for the Spartans.  The score stood at 33-25 before time out was called.  
Coming back, Gracie Fink got into the action for the Crusaders, but the Spartans fired back again to make the score 35-28 with 1:50 remaining.  The Spartans were running up the fouls 3-1 over the Crusaders.  Thanks to a last moment scoring from Rylee Rusk for the Crusaders, the score stood at 37-28 at the end of the third quarter.  
Headed into the final quarter, it could still be anyone’s game to win.  Mekenna Adams started things off on the right note for the Crusaders with a three-pointer that gave them an impressive twelve point lead at 40-28.  The Spartans were still leading on fouls 4-2 over the Crusaders.  
It was Avery Rusk, again for the Crusaders, with a flurry of shots, followed by Abby Waddell for the Spartans, with 4:25 remaining in the game, that made it 41-30 for the Spartans.  
After a combo of shots from Avery Rusk for the Crusaders and Kennedy Brandenburg for the Spartans that lead to the score being 43-32, time out was again called with 1:54 remaining.  The fouls were piling up with the Spartans leading 7-4.  
With less than a minute left, the Spartans were about to put up a ferocious last moment fight.  However, despite last moment scores from both Kennedy Brandenburg and Abby Waddell for the Spartans, the Crusaders still won the game 47-37.  
WHS 46 CHS 64 (5-14) (2-6)
Ian King 16, Jihad Mutazammil 9, Joe Ybarra 9, Silas Popplewell 6, DeAndre Washington 2, Grey Hatfield 2
WHS 52 CHS 63 (6-10) (3-5)
Brayden Higginbotham 10, Jacob Ewing 9, Austin Soles 8, Silas Popplewell 8, Tyler Brown 4, Blake Rausch 4, Cade Fairbanks 3, Tanner Meyer 3, Zane Cornejo 1
WHS 47 CHS 37 (11-8) (5-3)
Avery Rusk 14, Rylee Rusk 10, Taylor Meyer 7, Mekenna Adams 6, Shayland French 4, Gracie Fink 2, Jacelyn Buck 2, Draven Warnock 2
WHS 55 CHS 32 (13-4) (7-1)
Myriland French 15, Lexi Clift 13, Natalie Henning 6, McKenna Jones 5, Mykiland French 4, Kylie Aufdengarten 4, Draven Warnock 3, Delaney Parkey 3, Kadin Brown 2