Sam Layton was one of the people displaced by the three intentionally set fires that occurred in Wellington early this morning.  Tonight, Sam sat down to tell his story of what happened.  

Sam Layton had lived at 216 S. F for five years when the unthinkable happened this morning.  Before this morning, the neighborhood had always been “quiet as a mouse, with no disturbances.”  
It was about 4:20 a.m. when he thought he heard an “explosion” that woke him up.  He wondered ‘whether it was an earthquake.”  The lights were all off, and he wondered ‘if a transformer had blown,” because there was no power.
He tried going back to sleep, but he began to smell smoke in his second-story apartment.  He wondered why he could be smelling smoke.  When he went to the front door and opened it to look out into the hallway, smoke began billowing into his apartment.  “I knew there was no way with the smoke I was going to make it down those flights of stairs.  I closed the door really quick, grabbed my keys and shoes and made a skip and jump out onto the balcony.  I was bent down and coughing from the smoke as I called 911 to let them know of the fire.”
Sam believes he was the first caller to let 911 know of the fire at 216 S. F.  Although it seemed like an eternity, the fire department got there pretty quick.  Sam says he was asked by the fireman if he could climb down the ladder and he said yes.”
Sam believes that the fire started in the back of the basement in the northwest corner. He says the fire department was able to get it put out once, but it kept re-igniting and was then able to make it up to the roof.  The roof then caught fire and totally collapsed.  
Sam says he lost everything in the fire.  He works for Koehn Motors and says his boss is letting him stay in one of his rentals until he gets back on his feet again.