Jacelyn Buck is a sixteen-year old junior at Wellington High School.  As a member of the girls basketball team, they traveled to State in Salina on Wednesday evening.  The Crusaders put up a terrific fight, but ultimately lost 60-39, marking the end of the season.
Tonight, we spoke to one of the players of that memorable team, Jacelyn Buck.  Buck was recently named Crusader of the Week.  This recent trip to State was Buck’s third.  
“Each year going to Salina i had a different role on the team. Coming freshman year knowing that I probably won’t get in but still need to be loud on the bench and cheer everyone on and pick them up, sophomore year a little different knowing I would play quite a bit but coming off the bench I got to warm up to the atmosphere and then this year (my junior year) as a starter I was ready to go. I am not one that gets real nervous very often so having that experience and knowing what it’s like being there and playing I was ready to come out and play the best game of my life.”  
A few days after the game in Salina, she is able to look back on it and be proud of the effort she and her teammates made.  “I personally think we played one of our best games of the season and every single one of us played for the girl next to us and left it all on the court. We fell short on the size—we were a very small team this year—and Labette County coming in with three 6’0 foot girls hurt us but I am not upset or disappointed in the effort we all gave and I’m excited for next year.”
Looking back at the season, Jacelyn remembered the best and toughest game the Crusaders played.  “I think our best game and probably one of the toughest games we played was against Haven they came into the tournament we played them undefeated and we came out and played the best we ever have and ended up beating them but it was a battle the whole game.”
Ironically, she says,  “My favorite sport is softball it has been forever, but i’ve played basketball since i was a little girl, and have loved the game—there’s just something about it. I love how aggressive you can be and competitive it is and there’s many roles you can have, like i’m not a shooter— i shot every once in a while— but i know my role is to get rebounds and steals and play defense. I’ve always had amazing coaching that has made the game fun, and the coaching staff we have at the high school is amazing,  and just the atmosphere when you’re on the court is like no other sport; and the relationships you build with all your teammates and girls you get to know;  and how close you become because it is such a long season.”
As to the future, Jacelyn say she “started practice on Thursday. I am verbally committed to play college softball at the University of Louisiana Monroe.”