Wellington High School track went to Clearwater last Thursday, March 29th, to participate in a meet there with other area schools.  The results are as follows for those from Wellington.
Taylor Meyer scored first place in the Women’s Javelin; Valerie Ast scored eighth; Alexis Patee placed eleventh; Shayland French was thirteenth; and Emberly Gonzalez followed up with seventeenth.  
In the men’s javelin, several Wellington men placed, including:  Trayson Probst placed third; Tyler Jimenez was twelfth; Peyton Smith was fourteenth; Isaac Hilt was sixteenth; Kenny Fehrman was seventeenth; Bailey Etter was twentieth; Devin Dickinson was twenty-first.  Jake Soria was twenty-fourth; Nevin Gageby was twenty-ninth; and Tristan Johnson followed up at thirtith.  
In the Women’s Discus, Taylor Meyer placed sixth; Alexis Patee was ninth; Cassandra Moody was fourteenth; Shayland French finished at sixteenth; Valerie Ast was eighteenth; Brooke Mccorkle was at twentieth; Mariah Grable finished at twenty-fourth.  
The Men’s Discus had several from Wellington, including:  Bailey Etter at ninth; Kyle Parsons at tenth; Kenny Farley at eleventh; Devin Dickinson at fifteenth; Peyton Smith at seventeenth; Kenny Fehrman at eighteenth; Tyler Jimenez at nineteenth; Nevin Gageby at twentieth; and Tristan Johnson at twenty-third.  
In the Women’s Shot Put, Wellington got as high as eighth with Cassandra Moody filling that spot; Valerie Ast at tenth; Ashley Hisey at twelfth; Alexis Patee at fifteenth; Tori Washington at seventeenth; Emberley Gonzalez at nineteenth; and Brooke Mccorkle in twentieth.
The Men’s Shot Put had Bailey Etter at eighth; Kenny Fehrman and Kennyt Farley tied at eleventh; Kyle Parsons at thirteenth; Tyler Jimenez at fifteenth; Nevin Gageby at eighteenth; and Peyton Smith at twentieth.
Wellington scored first in the Women’s Triple Jump with Tayor McGlothlin taking the honors; Macha Washington-Adkins followed at sixth.  
Jacob Friesen scored eighth for Wellington in the Men’s Triple Jump.
Camryn Ricke scored second in the Women’s Long Jump.  Shayland French followed in fourth; Cassandra Moody in sixth; Taylor Meyer in seventh; Emma Rains in tenth; Sierra Rademacher in eleventh; Ashley Hisey in twelfth.  
Tayshawn Washington scored eighth in the Men’s Long Jump; Gavin York followed in twelfth; Tanner Meyer in fifteenth; Jacob Ewing in eighteenth; Caleb Reichenberger in nineteenth; Kadin Heacock in twenty-first; Caleb Starnes and Jacob Friesen were in twenty-fourth.  
Elise Legrand brought in first place in the Women’s Pole Vault, while Kylie Aufdengarten was in second place.  
Nic Reyes earned second place in the Men’s Pole Vault; Montana Heacock and Jake Soria came in at ninth place.  
In the Women’s High Jump, Mariah Grable and Macha Washington-Adkins came in at fifth place.  
Jacob Friesen placed seventh in the Men’s High Jump.  Gavin York and Eric Kop finished at tenth.  
Wellington finished second in the Men’s 4 X 800 meter relay at 9.23.20
In the Women’s 100 meter hurdles, Elise Legrand finished fourth.
Eric Kop finished first in the Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles.  Drake Hendrix finished fourth; Nic Reyes was at sixth; and Colin Green was at eleventh.  
In the Women’s 100 Meters, Taylor Meyer finished second; Jennifer Jensen at third; Jordan Young at fourth; Amber Cubbage-Williams at fifth; Machas Washington-Adkins at ninth; Skylar Troutman at twelfth; Camryn Ricke at thirteenth; Elise Legrand at fourteenth; Kylie Aufdengarten at fifteenth; Emma Rains at seventeenth; Sierra Rademacher at twentieth; and Shayland French at twenty-fifth.
Blake Rausch placed second in the Men’s 100 Meters; Trayson Probst was at fifth; Gavin York at eighth; Nic Reyes at tenth; Caleb Reichenberger at twelfth; Jake Soria at fifteenth; Chilson Ybarra at sixteenth; Isaac Hilt at seventeenth; Colin Green at nineteenth; Tayshawn Washington at twenty-first; Tanner Meyer at twenty-second; Zach Saffell at twenty-third; Tristan Ewing at twenty-ninth; Jacob Ewing at thirtieth; Montana Heacock at thirty-first; Wylee Stone at thirty-seventh; Connor Thompson at thirty-eighth; Joe Ybarra at thirty-ninth.