When someone tells you they once drove a car at 40 mph, blindfolded, and put fear into Bobby Unser, 3-time Indy 500 Racing Champion, who was sitting next to them in the front seat, one realizes they are in for the unexpected.  .
Curtis the Mentalist (Waltermire)  has done that stunt; more than once, in fact.  He once did that on an audition for the television show America’s Got Talent a few years ago.  Unfortunately, he did not get on the show.
What he will be doing is being at the Regent Theater, in Wellington, on Friday, April 13th, at 10:00 p.m.
Quite often he has been asked how he became a mentalist, and “I was struck by lightning, kicked by a mule, and abducted by aliens—all on the same day,” is his usual response.
The true story, he says, is that he grew up in St. Joseph, Illinois and found a talent for performing as a magician while in high school, doing his shows at such venues as union halls and birthday parties.  “I was able to pay my way through school,” he says.  
Even though he has been at this for over thirty years, he did work at various other jobs.  According to his website, he has been a sheet metal worker, part-owner and builder of a construction contracting company, worked white-collar and blue-collar management jobs, was a preacher and Bible College teacher for 15 long years, operated semi-trucks and heavy equipment (still hold a Class A CDL), been a corporate trainer and instructor, a pubic speaker, a musician, a magician, and more.  He is also a father, husband, and a grandpa.
Recently, however, he has been able to be a mentalist full-time, giving up his part-time jobs.
It is quickly becoming a busy time of the year for him.  Usually, he says, the January through March period is the slowest time of the year, but with Wellington next week, and other venues booked in Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska, he knows he will be quite busy in the months ahead.
When he is not touring the country,  performing for corporate or private events, he can be seen performing his public show, the first Saturday of every month,  "The Mastermind Show,” at Wichita's Loony Bin Comedy Club.
He says he prefers to perform in theaters and stadiums “because I have more control over the theatrics.  The acoustics are better and there are less distractions.  I have time to get ready backstage.  I wish I could do more theaters.”  He adds, that “at places like banquet halls, there is always uncertainty about where things will be set up.”  
“During mind-reading shows,” he says, “I have to hold people’s attentions  and keep things visual.  It is a series of things, more psychological.”
His family members have been asked questions about what it is like to have a family member who can read their mind.  He says his family does not think about what he does too much.
It promises to be a fun night out next Friday the 13th at the Regent.  Come on out for an evening of fun and laughs and surprises with Curtis the Mentalist.