It is a nightmare for every parent that never goes away, no matter how old they get.  What if you get a phone call alerting you that something happened to your child?  For Ferris Parker, when he found out his twenty-five year old son, Taylor, had been found bleeding and unresponsive outside the American Legion early in the morning on March 18th, it was a nightmare come true.
It all started on Saturday evening, Ferris says, when Taylor, who lived in Winfield, was invited by a friend to come over and watch the KU basketball game.  They first went to a bar, before going to the American Legion.  Ferris says that his son's friend left around 11:30 p.m. leaving Taylor by himself. 
Ferris says he was told his son was last seen around 1:30 a.m., intoxicated, and arguing with a girl.  It was not long after that he was found in the middle of the street, bleeding from the back of the head.  Bartenders from the American Legion called 911 and stayed with Taylor until the ambulance arrived.  According to EMS records of that night, EMS did respond to the 100 block of E. Lincoln for a traumatic injury at 1:54 a.m. EMS then transported him to St. Francis in Wichita.  Ferris says when he saw his son in the hospital he was intubated and ended up in I.C.U for the next two days.  Ferris revealed that his son, when conscious, “knew his name and date of birth, that is it.”
Later, Ferris explains, his son was transported to St. Teresa in Wichita for four more days, “still very confused.”  Ferris was stunned to see his son’s “eyes open, but he wasn’t there.”
Looking back at what he knows about that night, Ferris believes his son “was unquestionably a victim of assault.”  The left side of his son’s face was a mess and there was a big gash in the back of his head.
Parker had been an assistant track coach at Bethel, but had recently moved to Winfield where he was employed at Bank of the West.  He had only been there two weeks when this happened, Ferris says.  Now, his son faces several months of therapy. 
When asked for comment, Police Chief Tracy Heath would only say that “parties and/or combatants have been identified and case is pending.”
If anyone has any information to contact the Wellington Police Department.