It has been a Walmart, a Gibsons, and even the location of Theurer Realty.  For the past year, though, it has been the location of Free Will Baptist Church in Wellington.  We caught up with Church Administrator Charlotte Brooks, who told us about the original church location at 1219 N. Plum where the congregation had a grand total of four when it was first founded in the 1950s.  Charlotte likes to say that when her family first joined the church, they were able to double it to a grand total of eight.
Nowadays, she proudly claims they have a total of “400 people weekly.  We had 510 over Easter weekend.”
“Growth” she explains, “and the fact we maxed out our facility,” were the reasons Free Will Baptist finally made the move across town a year ago.  The old Theurer Realty Building had been up for sale, Brooks says, and they knew they had to move on it.  The new location, she says, “has brought more traffic and visitors, who wanted to look around, curious as to what we had done to the old building.”
That growth, she says, has already led to plans to expand the youth facility on the back lot two to three years from now.  “The children’s ministry has exploded with growth.”
Brooks says she came from the big city, and “wasn’t sure how well I would acclimate to.  I was happy at how much I came to like this town.”
She has been active in the children’s ministry, training with other young people.  Still, she says “I might want to pass the baton,” and get more involved in the women’s ministry.  
Free Will Baptist Church has been in Wellington for over half a century and looks set to be in town for a long time to come.