Reminder to all Property Owners of the City of Wellington, City Code Enforcement will begin

Weed Abatement Program in the up-coming weeks.


What is a weed or wild growth?


Brush and woody vines

Indigenous grasses that attain large growth and may become a fire hazard

Growth that may bear downy or winged seeds

Growth that harbors pests or vermin

Non-ornamental grasses or plants that are 12 inches in height


What is the property owner’s responsibility?


It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the entirety of their yard (and any other properties they may own). This includes all yard and areas between property lines and centerlines of streets, alleys, easements, and rights-of-ways, public or private.


What happens if properties are not maintained?


If an owner fails to maintain their property, a Weed Notice will be issued by the City of Wellington Engineering Department. This Notice will remain in effect until December 31, 2018. Separate notices will not be sent for recurring violations throughout the year. Once in place, notices will not be removed for any reason.


If an owner does not maintain their property after notice has been issued, the City will mow the property at the owner’s expense. Mowing costs are calculated by a minimum of $100/hr. at a minimum of 1 hour, and then billed in ½ hour increments thereafter to be rounded to the next ½ hour. An Administrative fee of $50 will also be included into the cost. Recurring violations will be mowed without additional notice.

*The above is a summary of City Code, and does not supersede City Code.


The City of Wellington encourages all property owners to be mindful about the condition of their property. If there are any questions, citizens are encouraged to contact Code Compliance at the City Administration Center at (620)326-3871 or