It was a crime that shocked everyone when the Wellington Police Department revealed on April 11th that they were conducting a death investigation regarding a 7-month- old child, later identified as Jesslinn Kinslee Hulett.. They had learned on Sunday, April 1st, that this child was initially presented to Sumner Regional Medical Center,  and then subsequently transported to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. On Thursday morning, April 5th, they learned the child had passed away. An autopsy was scheduled for Friday, April 6th, but the findings have not been released as of yet.
For Jennifer Rose Chrans, the niece of Troy and Dawn Long, grandparents to Jesslinn, she said it is “heart-wrenching to know that someone hurt baby Jesslinn in a way that the end result was death. And absolutely no one is paying. What is the family supposed to do with that? How can anyone even begin to grieve when all you can think about is being angry that this sick person(s) are still free as a bird. I hope we are able to get the justice that Jesslinn deserves. But in order to do that, we have to have the right people on our side.”
In the days after Jesslinn’s death, Jennifer created a Go Fund me page that has raised over $600 so far for Troy and Dawn Long to take care of the other two grandchildren.