It was not supposed to be like this.
For Taylor Parker, he had just started working for Bank of the West in Winfield in February.  Prior to that, he had been named the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference Men’s Track Athlete of the Week in 2014.  He was a junior at Southwestern College at that time.  According to, he was quite the runner back then.  
We spoke with Police Chief Tracy Heath regarding any updates to the assault case—which seriously injured Taylor Parker—that occurred outside the American Legion on March 18th.  We also asked why the assault case was originally classified as a more vague ‘suspicious activity’ in the police reports for that night.  
"At the time of the report, given the injuries sustained and the fact the victim was transported from the scene to SRMC, and then Wichita, we had no evidence to suspect that an assault had taken place.  Through our investigation, comprised of interviewing people at the scene and tracking people down, we learned of the fight.  Thus a case has since been put together and will be forwarded for consideration.”
Taylor was able to comment a few weeks ago, saying, “Recovery is better than what most people go through with this injury, but I have to meet with a speech language pathologist because of my traumatic brain Injury.  That night, all I know is I went over to meet an old college friend and he was a little gone when I arrived. So we went to a bar to watch a little basketball. He had been drinking all day, so his mom and girlfriend came to get him and take him to Penny's Diner. I was alright,  he had to leave,  so I was going to finish my beer and go home. I just started new work and I wasn't trying to  be crazy. I've been under control since college. My memory cuts off, I've never attacked anyone in life. I'm a coach and I love helping volunteer at SC when I'm healthy. But with time I'll get better. About that night,  I've just been told and that's all I know for now. Sorry I can't give enough but with time hopefully.”
In the past few weeks, Taylor’s father, Ferris says that Taylor has continued working hard with his recuperation at Hays Medical Center.  “He is improving every day, but it will take time.  He is scheduled through May 24th, and at that point, they will re-evaluate him.”