It was a shocking act, caught on video, that turned the world upside down for Jared and Danielle Vaughan, of Caldwell.  It all started when Jared received a call to come up to Caldwell Elementary for a matter concerning his six-year-old son, Omega.  It was after watching a video of a violent interaction between his son and his music teacher that Jared was devastated by what he saw.
Jared said, “When I went up there the first time when they initially called me, it was very calm. They made remarks like 'we wanna keep this hush hush.' You know how Caldwell is. I do, they talk a lot,  but I'm not about to sweep this under the rug."
The Vaughans say the video showed the teacher lifting their son up by his neck with two hands. “When it comes to the video, the teacher was in the corner corralling the kids together to practice for a music program that is going to be on Tuesday.  My son was still interlocked with hands doing some twisty dance moves with the kids.  He was on one side of the teacher, and in a split second, he was up in the air by his neck, and then she just kind of chucked him, if that makes any sense.  After ten to twenty seconds, she put her hand over her mouth and then she realizes she had messed up, and it hit her all at once.
And while the video was playing, it did not seem like anyone had gotten reprimanded, all the kids seemed like they were happy.  it did not look like the teacher was yelling or screaming.  I know them personally.  As to why they did it?  I don’t think they could personally give a reason why they had to pick my kid up and then chuck him like a rag doll.  Because in the video it did not look like any kids were being reprimanded or scolded for doing bad things.They were all corralling around the teacher, and it happened in a split second.”
Jared says his son is “doing very well, but he has said he doesn’t want to go back to music class or be around that teacher.” He says that his son “did not have any bruises or marks, surprisingly.”
Caldwell Schools issued this statement after the incident was reporting, saying, “An incident was reported to a building administrator yesterday morning.  The administrator visited with the student and gathered information and statements.  A teacher has been put on paid administrative leave.  The parents were also notified.  We are aware of an outside investigation into the incident and we are cooperating with the investigation.”

When asked to comment on the investigation, Chief of Police Gene Garcia said, "It is still an ongoing investigation."