The Wellington Crusader Track Team journeyed to Towanda on Thursday, May 3rd, for the 2018 Circle Invite.  The results are as follows:
In the Men’s 100 Meters, Blake Rausch finished eleventh, with Tayshawn Washington in seventeenth, and Jacob Ewing in twenty-second.
For the Section Results, Jacob Ewing placed sixth for 1 out of 3.Tayshawn Washington placed seventh for 2 out of 3.
For the Men’s 200 Meters, Christian Buckman was fourth, with Blake Rausch in thirteenth, Tayshawn Washington in seventeenth.
For the Section Results, Tayshawn Washington placed second 2 of 4.  Blake Rausch was fifth in 3 of 4.  Christian Buckman was fourth 4 of 4.
In the Men’s 400 Meters, Christian Buckman was seventh, Caleb Reichenberger twelfth, Isaac Hilt twenty-second.
For Section Results, Caleb Reichenberger was first 1 of 3.  Isaac Hilt was secenth 1 of 3.
Christian Buckman was sixth 3 of 3.
Chase Pfalzgraf was fifth in the Men’s 800 Meters, followed by Toby Henning in tenth, with Jacob McDonald also competing.  
In the Men’s 1600 Meters, Billy Walker was fifteenth, Toby Henning seventeenth.  
For the Men’s 3200 Meters, Tyler Brown was seventh, with Kadin Heacock also competing.  
Drake Hendrix was second in the Men’s 110m Hurdles, followed by Nic Reyes in sixth, Eric Kop seventh.
For the Men’s 300m Hurdles, Drake Hendrix was fifth, Nic Reyes sixth, with Eric Kop also competing.
Wellington placed sixth in the Men’s 4 X 100m Relay.
Wellington placed seventh in the Men’s 4 X 400m Relay.
Wellington placed fifth in the Men’s 4 X 800m Relay.
Jacob Friesen competed in the Men’s High Jump.  
Nic Reyes finished first in the Men’s Pole Vault, followed by Eric Kop in fourth, with Jake Soria also competing.  
For the Men’s Long Jump, Tayshawn Washington finished thirteenth, Jacob Ewing seventeenth, Caleb Reichenberger twentieth.  
Flight Results 1 of 3 are are Jacob Ewing in third and Caleb Reichenberger in fifth.  
Tayshawn Washington was sixth for Flight 2 of 3.  
For the Men’s Triple Jump, Jacob Friesen was fifteenth.  
For the Men’s Shot Put, Trayson Probst was sixteenth, Kenny Fehrman seventeeth.
In the Men’s Discus, Kenny Fehrman was thirteenth, Tyler Jimenez seventeenth, Trayson Probst twentieth.  
For the Men’s Javelin, Trayson Probst was seventh, Jake Soria fourteenth, Kenny Fehrman seventeenth.
In the Women’s 100 Meters, Jennifer Jensen was fourth, Amber Cubbage-Williams eleventh, Skylar Troutman fifteenth.
For the Women’s 200 Meters, Taylor McGlothlin was first, Jordan Young fifth, Amber Cubbage-Williams ninth.
Taylor McGlothlin was first in the Women’s 400 Meters, followed by Skylar Troutman in fifth, and Camryn Ricke in ninth.  
In the Women’s 800 Meters, Machaela Washington-Adkins and Mackenzie Heacock also competed.  
For the Women’s 1600 Meters, Mackenzie Heacock was seventh.
Elise LeGrand finished fifth in the Women’s 100m Hurdles.  
Wellington finished third in the Women’s 4 X 100m Relay.
Wellington finished fifth in the Women’s 4 X 400m Relay.
Mariah Grable finished sixth in the Women’s High Jump.  
Elise LeGrand placed first in the Women’s Pole Vault.  
Taylor McGlothlin finished third in the Women’s Long Jump, followed by Camryn Ricke in seventh, and Taylor Meyer in twelfth.  
Machaela Washington-Adkins was fifth in the Women’s Triple Jump.  
In the Women’s Shot Put, Elise LeGrand was tenth, with with Alexis Patee and Cassandra Moody also competing.  
For the Women’s Discus, Alexis Patee was fourteenth, Taylor Meyer eighteenth, and Cassandra Moody also competed.  
In the Women’s Javelin, Taylor Meyer was third, Valerie Ast tenth, with Shayland French also competing.  
The Wellington Men scored eighth for 46 points.
The Wellington Women scored fifth for 71 points.