Grey Hatfield, 17,  still has one more year to go playing for the Crusaders.  A Junior at Wellington High School, he already is planning to go to Cowley College after graduation next year.  Still, he says, “I’ve been playing baseball my whole life, I grew up watching Royals games with my dad and played ball with him out in the yard.  He has taught me just about everything I know about baseball.”  He goes on to state that “I was born in Wellington; I live with my mom and dad, and have a brother and a sister.  They are both younger than me.”
Baseball clearly is a passion for Grey, as he says, “I love being out on the field with my friends and coaches and knowing I can count on them while they can also count on me.”
The season is almost over for the Crusaders, and Grey already is looking back.  He remembered that he thinks “we played our best games in Augusta; we played great all around.  I think we play our best when we have good mindsets going into the game and keep the mindset. The toughest game for us was probably Collegiate.  We all got down on ourselves after committing a few errors early and it just went downhill from there.”
Grey still has a few more games left over the next few weeks with the Crusaders.  We wish him and the Crusaders the best of luck.