Used book stores are a boon to book lovers of all ages, as they can find a great book in good condition at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, with times and technology changing, some of these stores have had a tough go of it.
After twenty years as the premiere destination for book lovers in the Derby area, Blue Dragon Books is closing down. The last day will be May 19th. Owner Kim Ketron had only been running the store for about a year when the decision to close, unfortunately, had to be made. She said the decision had “nothing to do with the store. Family issues require me to be someplace else right now.”
“I enjoyed this a great deal. I loved talking to the people who were interested in the same things I am.”
The loss of Blue Dragon Books is another blow to the independent used book store.  Slate Creek Books closed up in Wellington a few years ago.  Former co-owner Mike Evans said, “We closed fall of 2015.  I had seen that Blue Dragon books was closing and was very sad to hear it. It seems there's a small group of people who support community bookstores, but many people don't buy books at all, and of those who do, many turn to Amazon.”
Mike went on to say that “as for our current adventures, although Wellington is still our home, we spend most of the year traveling in our RV.  Maggie writes a travel blog, Of Turtles and Tumbleweeds, found at Turtles and We have visited numerous National Park sites and the kids have earned a bunch of junior ranger badges.”
McDonald’s Used Books in Arkansas City underwent an ownership change over the past year, but still remains open.  According to its Facebook page, McDonald's Used Books has a plethora of books for readers of all genres. Mass market paperbacks are available for 1/2 off retail, with trade and hardback fiction at deep discounts.  It is located at 314 S, Summit in Arkansas City.
The Book Grinder in El Dorado is undergoing a change in ownership that will also mean an eventual name change.  The cats that populate the store interior will still be there.
The new owners are Errin & Larry Moore. They will officially take over June 1st. The store will remain the same but with a new name and they plan on adding novelties and other wonderful things in the future.
Sandra Emlet owner of The Book Grinder for eleven years, is thrilled that the store will continue in ElDorado and couldn’t be happier to find the perfect couple to continue supplying the community in books, gifts, and of course kitty loving from Oreo & Bobbles.
Errin and Larry Moore are familiar with the small-town life and state that they are thrilled for this new opportunity. Errin will be the primary worker at the bookstore. Having been a teacher and school administrator for the past 19 years, she says that transitioning to a bookstore is going to be a natural change. “I’ve been an English teacher most of my career. There’s no greater dream for an English teacher than running a bookstore, is there? That’s why we think the new name – The Next Chapter – is the perfect name for the store,” she says with a smile. In addition to the books and kitties, Errin plans to offer essential oil products such as room sprays, bath bombs, soaps, lip balms, and the like. She makes the products herself and says she finds that work very gratifying. Larry, a native of the Wichita area, is an appliance repair technician for Able and Ready Appliance Repair, the family’s other business. He’ll often be at the store, as well, and is eager for the chance to serve the community.
Larry has been coming to this book store for many years and was disappointed to learn it was being sold. The two began talking about how great it would be to buy it, thinking it a dream that would never happen. Eventually, though, the conversation turned serious and they started figuring out how it could actually happen. Says Errin, “I can’t believe what a grand adventure we’re about to embark on. Sandra has started a beautiful tradition here in this store and we’re committed to continuing what she’s begun. Yes, there will be some small changes, but we believe this shop has a good foundation and we plan to maintain that for our community.” The store will be closed June 1-3 for some minor organization and such and will have a Grand Re-Opening on Monday, June 4th. Be sure to come out for it!
“I can now move with peace of mind that my bookstore will be in great hands and that my customers will still be able to trade locally.” said Sandra Emlet. “It has been a pleasure and honor to provide this needed bookstore for the community and surrounding areas. I have met some wonderful people whom I consider family through the years and I will miss them tremendously. Thank you everyone for your continued patronage which made the bookstore a success and will continue for all of you in the future.”
“All of us will be beginning a “new chapter” in our lives and it couldn’t be more exciting!” exclaimed Sandra.
Both Blue Dragon and Book Grinder have been the locations of book signings for local authors, and it is hoped that The Next Chapter will continue to be a venue for local authors to show off and display their books.  
In the meantime, there are still all kinds of books to be found at Blue Dragon in Derby. Only a few days remain for people to come in and take advantage of the good bargains. Blue Dragon Books is located at 437 E. Madison in Derby