Full article updated from last week

“Our lives have been flipped upside down,” Troy Long said yesterday when contacted at his home in Oxford.  As he sat with his wife, Dawn, on their porch outside their house, they told of their anger and frustration in not receiving answers or closure to what happened to their granddaughter Jesslinn Hulett.  
According to the autopsy report, Jesslinn was just seven months old, with no significant medical history,  when she was rushed to Sumner Regional Medical Center on April 1st at 9:27 a.m. .  She was then transported to Wesley in Wichita where she was later declared brain dead at 8:32 a.m. on April 5th.
According to the autopsy report, she died from blunt force trauma to the head with scalp contusions, intrascalp and subscalp hemorrhage, subperiosteal hemorrhage, and fractures of the right parietal bone and occipital bone.  There was also blunt force trauma to the trunk, with healing fractures of the anterolareral left 4th through 8th ribs.  In addition, there were also bilateral retinal hemorrhages.  The cause of death, according to District Coroner-Chief Medical Examiner Timothy Gorrill, was blunt force trauma to the head, with the manner listed as homicide.  
An additional purple round contusion was present on the right upper back 1/2 inch in diameter.  A dried yellow-orange abrasion was also present on the right forearm.  
Commenting on the report, Jesslinn’s grandfather, Troy Long, said that, “I just can't believe, that from last night ( Tuesday when interviewed on KWCH and hearing the results of the autopsy report)  we are looking into it either as a homicide or an accident.   No way possible it was an accident. The autopsy clearly states that. ......abuse!”
When asked to comment, Shelby Johnson, Jesslinn’s mother, would only say “I'm sorry, you should have got with me before the people who never even met nor cared to meet my daughter.”
Sky Hulett, Jesslinn’s father, did not respond to requests for an interview before press time.
Dawn Long said that a complaint had been filed with the Kansas Department for Children and Families last fall, after the baby's father was allegedly seen pushing and shoving one of the family's other kids at a football game.   The agency investigated, but ultimately it was dropped.
In the meantime, Troy is now driving a Tahoe, big enough to transport a family of six.  DCF removed two of Jesslinn’s siblings from the home and are now in the custody of Troy and his wife Dawn in Oxford.  
Troy and Dawn both agree they would just like to see justice be done for Jesslinn.  A family member, Jennifer Chrans, recently set up a Gofundme page to raise money that would go towards Jesslinn’s surviving siblings.  The money is to help Troy and Dawn with expenses related to raising the children.  https://www.gofundme.com/jbgey-lets-help-this-family.  It has raised over $600 so far.  
Jennifer said, “ I am the niece of Troy and Dawn. My mom, is Troys sister. And of course, Troy and Dawn are Jesslinn's grandparents. Seeing our family dealing with this pain has been hard. The whole situation is tragic.”
She went on to say, “Ever since Troy and Dawn took the kids in, they are in the safest place possible. And finally, they get home cooked meals every night.”
County Attorney Kerwin Spencer was contacted last Wednesday morning and said he met with Police Chief Heath a few days ago to discuss taking care of loose ends.  He was also waiting on a report from the KBI.  He said a decision on charges is still “three weeks away.”