Topeka's Historic Old Town district will be the first area to benefit from "Team Up to Clean Up," an initiative Topeka's city government is carrying out to help out one neighborhood at a time, said city media relations coordinator Molly Hadfield.

Habitat for Humanity, a partner in the effort, provided training for volunteers Friday on how to paint a house at 830 S.W. Fillmore in Old Town, which indicated is located roughly between S.W. 6th, S.W. 10th, S.W. Topeka Boulevard and S.W. Summit Ave.

“Instead of just fixing up issues all over the community as they pop up, the city really wanted to help one neighborhood at a time and really help them fix it up right,” said Mike Haugen, property maintenance manager for the city. "Historic Old Town was a perfect place to start.”

City officials revealed at the April 19 State of the Community luncheon that they were working on Team Up to Clean Up, in which various city departments are teaming up with community partners.

Hadfield described the initiative as "a focused effort that helps neighborhoods by repairing infrastructure and helping homeowners to do repairs on their homes."

In addition to Habitat for Humanity, she identified the city's partners for the Old Town project as Momentum 2022, Trinity Lutheran Church, Kansas Gas and the Historic Old Town Neighborhood Improvement Association.

Activities undertaken there will include house painting, tree trimming, street repairs and sidewalk repairs, Hadfield said.

Volunteers are helping to pitch in with organizations to help fix individual homes and do things like replace porches and paint home exteriors, she said.

"The city of Topeka is excited to have the entire community help us in the effort to make Topeka a better community," Hadfield said.