Five-year-old Lucas Hernandez went missing in February before finally being found last week under a bridge in southern Harvey County.  Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer’s grandson was found encased in cement in Wichita.  Jesslinn Hulet was murdered in Wellington last month.  There have been others like this all over the country.  People have become outraged by these senseless acts of violence on children, and people across the country have conducted candlelight vigils.  A recent one in Wichita was held following the news Lucas’ body had been found.  
Samantha Lira, of Wellington, decided that it was time to organize an event in Sumner County.  She got together with Caitlin Elizabeth to do something about it.  
It was an easy decision for her to organize this event.  “The fact that everyone got attached to Lucas,” she said.  “The child abuse and domestic violence needs to end. It’s an epidemic.”
The brutal murder of seven-month-old Jesslinn Hulet last month also had an effect on her.  “I was shocked, because in such a little town you hardly hear of things happening like that. It’s horrible and I feel for her family. That baby needs justice, and that’s part of why we decided to do this vigil.”
The death of Sierra Craft-McGee in Wellington last Thursday evening also played a part in this vigil taking place.