An open house for Rivercross Hospice was held Friday, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at its office in Winfield.  Nurse Liaison Gina Wallace said it was an event that was held to “remind people we are still here.  Even though we have been here eight years, we still like to remind people we’re still here and providing exemplary care for our clients.  Even though we had some people leave our staff recently, we are conducting interviews for new staff.  
Michelle Lowder has been the administrator for a year now, gearing her staff to providing “love and support and care to our patients and clients at the end of their lives when it is needed the most.”
The office has been at 800 Main Place in Winfield for eight years now.  Rivercross did have an office at the hospital in Wellington up until that point, but it was closed down and moved to Winfield when more space became readily available.  “This serves us better,” she said, referring to their increased office space.
Currently, Rivercross Hospice has offices in Winfield, Wichita, and Kingman.
Gina said “we take care of complex care patients that a lot of other hospices don’t take on.  Our coverage area stretches from Arkansas City to Goessel; Eureka to Cunningham, and all points in between.”
For Gina, she said “there’s nothing more satisfying and makes me feel good than being able to provide peace, comfort and dignity to the end of someone’s life.  It makes me feel good personally.  I recommend it because hospice is a wonderful thing, and very under-utilized.  So many more people could be reaping the benefits of hospice, and they don’t realize it.  Which is why I love being able to meet with families and help educate and inform.”