RCB Bank to keep location downtown

Drivers on Highway 160 in Wellington were recently surprised to see the sign on the side of the road indicating a new location coming soon for RCB Bank. According to a press release from RCB Bank, the new location will be built between Walmart and McDonald's on 16th Street. It is expected to be completed by February 2019.

The new branch features more than 3,000 square feet of banking space and has three drive-thru lanes--two pneumatic lanes and a deal drawer. A night drop will be located in the drive-thru area in the same lane as the deal drawer.

The location will have safety deposit boxes. There will be five offices at the location with two teller windows and Insta-bank access, which will provide access with an Interactive Teller Machine, otherwise known as ITM. This gives customers 24/7/365 access just by using their RCB Bank debit cards at the secure front entrance of the building. The machine allows customers to quickly access cash, deposit funds, transfer between RCB accounts, make loan payments and more.

If assistance is needed, a live video chat with a banker is available during business hours.