Gambino’s Pizza in Conway Springs has been around for a long time.  During a few times over the years, it has been one of the only places to sit down and eat in Conway Springs.  The owner of Gambino’s Pizza, Stephanie Doffing, is coming up on a milestone.  
“Our one year anniversary will be June 29th,” she said.   “I was working part-time at Gambino’s when the owners decided they wanted to sell it. I have never ran a business before, but I have worked in food industry most of my life. My husband, Dan has owned his own business so he knows how to do all the paper work. He is also still employed with USD 356.”
Looking back, she said one of the “reasons why I wanted to try this adventure is because we have an autistic son, and I wanted to be able to give him an opportunity to work at a job when he is older. We are working on finding a way to hire other disabled teens so that they can gain some work experience.  We really like being able to help the kids have the responsibility of a job, but also letting them still be kids. Balancing their job and extra activities can be challenging, but well worth it when you see them grow into young adults. 
Since she took over, she said, “we added a few new menu items, we now have four specialty salads, shrimp Alfredo, roast beef sandwich, apple/cherry turnovers,  and are currently looking into getting a gluten free crust.  The Gambino’s franchise is always working on new menu items. In a month or two, we will be coming out with a cheesy bacon cheeseburger pizza, Philly roast beef, and a Philly chicken pizza. “
Looking at the road ahead, she added, “We have added another oven, which helps to make pizzas much faster. We have been working really hard on consistency and customer service. We are also making sure that we have specials and coupons available. We started field trips with the elementary schools. We have reader award cards for a free mini for the elementary students who meet their monthly AR goals and a end of the year party for them. We have been working hard to provide fast and consistent food.”