Jason Boyd filed to run for County Commissioner earlier this year, bringing with him his own unique experiences.  Late last year, he headlined a concert that he performed at to benefit Memorial Auditorium.  
When asked why he decided to run, he said, “My reasons for running are many. I am a husband, father, business owner, farmer, steward of this county, and a product of a man who served 36 years law enforcement to this county. I have an energy and drive to be productive and positive.
I have budget concerns with two of the counties biggest departments which directly affects the bottom-line for citizens, and ability to fairly govern. I hope to bring new energy and accountability to this spectrum. I am also optimistic of economic development opportunities throughout the coming years and hope to shed some perspective on that as the only candidate with growing children. My other primary concern is the equal distribution of some of the county’s current income through the casino and wind energy. I have seen and spoke to parts of this county throughout my term working as a deputy sheriff and beyond that have been neglected and deserve a chance to be considered for road projects and tax-breaks.”  
This is not his first time running for the position.  He said he “first showed interest in this position 4 years ago when I ran for the position against incumbent Cliff Bales where he retained the seat by a narrow margin.
At that time as well as now, my decision to run was sparked when I had been approached by the rural public on various occasions suggesting I run in hopes of getting some younger perspective in office. My County ties and background made this decision seem very suitable. My interests and concerns are much the same as 4 years ago, although they have widened throughout the last 4 years as I have had close attention to the county actions and minutes as some sizable things have taken place, and are upcoming.”  
Being a County Commissioner gives one the power to make decisions that will greatly reflect the lives of those who live in Sumner County, and Boyd said he has ideas of what he would like to focus on.  “With my background and ties to Sumner County Law Enforcement, public safety and service are particularly important to me. In this capacity I will be an advocate for our Public service roles and reputation.
I will seek tax and planning/zoning improvements for home-owners and home builders as our county currently is stigmatized as somewhat difficult and unfair in these areas. Having built a new home in my district in the last 5 years I have directly been through this and have fresh options/ideas to be brought forth.
I will look into funds distribution to our county roads that have been less prioritized.
I will be active and open to economic development opportunities as I have spoke with the director on a number of things upcoming throughout the upcoming term.”
Boyd is joined by two other candidates for the job, and he believed that his “particular upbringing personally and professionally provides me with the kind of compassion for Sumner County that I would look for in a voice for the citizens.  
I hope to offer balance. I am the only candidate to do so. With a family and kids that are growing, my contribution will bring harmony to the panel, which has not been provided in the past.
The voters and public have expressed to me that we need younger people to get involved. I am offering that chance by offering myself and my values to this position.”