This space is dedicated to the sharing of ideas. It is meant to spur debate and discussion.
Our editor recently expressed his belief that new businesses paying minimum wages are not welcome in Wellington and Sumner County. That position is far from the stance of the Wellington Daily News and its management group, GateHouse Media Kansas.
We are pro-business, and we welcome new investment in our county.
It would be ideal if every job in our community paid $20 or more per hour. That is fantasy, of course. In the real world, we believe any job is better than no job. Work experience is invaluable and leads to upward mobility and improved income.
We believe in capitalism and feel the markets and laws of supply and demand will balance out.
We welcome retail that keeps money here by generating local sales tax revenue. We welcome Dollar Tree to town. It is more convenient for our residents to shop in Wellington, and we prefer money be spent here rather than go to Derby or Wichita.
We are excited about the future of our city and our county, and we are thankful to all for those trying to improve our economic outlook.
Not everyone agrees with our stance, including one of our employees. We never expect full agreement, however. To write opinion pieces that don’t ruffle a few feathers is to be milquetoast. That is not true to our history or the DNA of our business.
When we write something with which you disagree, take us to task. If you like what we write, cheer us on.
We invite the people of this community to join us in robust discussions and debate in print and online.
Stephen Wade is the senior group publisher for GateHouse Kansas and publisher of The Topeka Capital-Journal.