It was an exciting week for the Wellington Heat as they squared off against some of their toughest opponents yet.  The Augusta Cannons gave the Heat a real run for their money, but all in all, it was a very positive weekend for the Heat.  
The Heat faced off with the Augusta Cannons Friday evening.  Playing in Augusta, the Heat were shown up badly by the Cannons, being defeated 9-2. The game took a few innings to catch fire with both teams still tied 1-1 at the bottom of the third inning.  
By the bottom of the fourth inning, though, the Cannons added a run to cut the tie and were leading 2-1.  Even at the top of the sixth, the Heat were still competitive, only down two with a score of 4-2.  By the bottom of the sixth, though, the Cannons were content with running away with the game, increasing their lead 5-2.  Unfortunately, the Cannons added another three points to their lead at the bottom of the 7th and things for the Heat never recovered.  
Saturday evening, the Heat played the Cannons at home and got their chance at retribution, with a massive win in eight innings of 12-3.  Alex Koch scored an RBI triple that helped the Heat immensely.  Hayden Woolsey was on fire that night, coming to in to pitch at the top of the 8th and quickly striking out two.  
Sunday evening, the Heat won decisively over the Valley Center Mud Daubers 6-2.  
Monday evening, the Heat scored another win over the Park City Rangers, 8-6.  The Heat enjoyed a substantial lead over the Rangers for the last half of the game.  Even at the top of the fifth inning, both teams were tied at 2-2.  Thanks to a three-run doiuble for Alex Lyon, he helped bring in Joe Mondragon, Kevin Garza, and Itchy Burts to finally let the Heat take a lead at the bottom of the fifth.  
However, the Rangers managed to give the Heat a run for their money in the later innings, making that final score of 8-6 a close one.  
Tuesday evening, the Heat were away from home and faced off against the Valley Center Mud Daubers at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., the Heat face off with the McPherson Pipeliners.  Pick up your free tickets at The Dore.  Friday evening, the Heat will get another shot at playing the Augusta Cannons on their turf at 7:00 p.m. Saturday evening, the Cannons come to Wellington to play the Heat.  Pick up your free tickets at Smoker’s Choice.  Sunday evening, it will be the Heat against the Valley Center Mud Daubers.  Pick up your free tickets at Brownlee Heating.