What do you do when the people who run your favorite hamburger place go on vacation?  Well, you seek out new places and try new things, that’s what.  
I am very partial to the Mayfield burger at the Dore.  Those are pretty good.  You can sit there and then go and shoot some pool, which is always nice.  It also helps that it is so close to my office, and I can just walk right over.  
Penny’s Diner, of course, is the best when one wants to eat breakfast at any time of day.  One can never go wrong with bacon and eggs, and the vibe is very retro 1950s.  
I first tried El Chile Verde eight years ago just before going on a ghost hunt, and I have given it another shot again recently.  I have a good friend who gets breakfast from there quite a bit.  It is a very popular spot in Wellington, with plenty of traffic coming and going from there in the mornings.  
A month ago, when we went to Argonia to do a story on the Salter Museum, we decided to drive the back roads up to Conway Springs and try Au’Dean’s Den.  Like the Dore, it also has the pool table experience and one simply cannot go wrong going to Conway Springs, in my opinion.  In fact, the last time I was there, I saw Elvis at their nursing home.  It made for a great article.  
Gambino’s in Conway is another amazing place that the family and I have gone to repeatedly over the past several years.  
One of the best surprises for me recently was Boudreaux’s Burger Barn, in Peck.  My wife and I wanted to try something new and different that day, and we were surprised by the experience of just how good and interesting it was.  The hamburgers have a lot of onions on them, which I really loved.  The fries were pretty good, too.  One definitely does not go away hungry there.  
Now, of course, there are plenty of other places in Sumner County, and even the surrounding area, that I did not mention.  Why?  Because I have not been there yet.  Like many people, I get to be a creature of habit when it comes to eating places that I like.  I tend to try the same places over and over again because I feel comfortable there.  Still, there gets to be moments where my wife and I look at each other and think maybe we should try something different today.  Let’s go someplace new and different.
There are so many new places to try and so many roads still to go down.  Sumner County is not the biggest county in the state.  
But, it sure is one of the most interesting.