The Wellington Community Theatre’s next production will be ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’, to be performed this fall.  The cast list has been released following the completion of auditions last week.  
The cast list is as follows:  
Mortimer- Ben Olson; Martha- Andrea Carter; Abby- Kimberly Harriger; Teddy- Kevin Callison; Jonathon- Brian Page;  Dr. Einstein- Nicole Thomason; Rev. Harper- Bob Brown; Gibbs- Lizzy Santana; Witherspoon- pending; Elaine- Julie Thrush; Brophy- Brandon Oleson Klein- Joel Carter; O'Hara- Alex Zani; Rooney- Anthony Altis; Mr. Hoskins- Derrick McClure.  
According to Director Deanna Page, “It is a dark comedy that takes place on Halloween night in Brooklyn and involves sweet old aunties, dead bodies, and elderberry wine!  It is a classic and since its beginning over 50 years ago, has consistently been in the top ten theatrical plays.  We are already having so much fun and cannot wait to share with our community. We just finished auditions.  Our first read through will not be until next week (week of June 25-29).
Strangely enough we have almost an entire cast of newbies along with a handful of previous favorites, including some of whom have been involved with WCT in other capacities.  Aunt Martha is played by Kimberly Harriger, a local teacher, member of our theater board and the director of several children's productions in the past few years, including Dorothy in Wonderland and last year's Christmas spectacular. Aunt Martha will be played by newcomer Andrea Carter.  Local church goers may remember her growing up singing in various churches with her father, Dale Hadley.  Wellington High School band Director Ben Olson has several years experience in a variety of theatrical productions.  He debuts with WCT in the lead role of Mortimer Brewster.  Another newcomer that we are excited to get to know better, is Kevin Callison, who will be bringing the crowd pleasing role of Teddy Brewster to life for us!  The antagonists in this production are the criminally insane mastermind Jonathon Brewster and his sidekick, Dr. Einstein.
They are played by local handyman about town, Brian Page and Nicole Thomason, who is one of the funniest ladies ever.  They had us in stitches during auditions. We are honored to have Bob Brown (Willie Wonka, Narnia, Peter Pan and more) rejoin us on stage as the concerned father Rev. Harper.  Julie Thrush portrays his daughter, Elaine, who is Mortimer's love interest.  WCT fans may remember Julie as the tough talkin' bad girl Peachy Jam in last year's melodrama, The Shame of Tombstone.  She has also joined WCT behind the scenes with costuming. Our cast is rounded out with several other newbies who are vetrans of the Crusaders of the Stage, covering roles in everything from last year's Orphan Train to previous productions back to Grease and Harvey.  One last honorable mention is WCT Children's theater favorite Alex Zani, who just made the age cut off for his first adult production. He has made us laugh through several performances in Children's Theater and we are pleased to give this hard working young man the role of  Officer O'Hara, the budding playwright.  As for myself, I am a rookie director also!  For the past six years I have enjoyed being the costume designer for WCT's Narnia, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, and last year's Christmas Spectacular.  In the years before WCT, I led a faith- based drama ministry team for ten years called Acts of Grace.  I have also directed smaller, church productions occassionally.  This will be my first time to direct on such a large scale, but I am excited to take this step.  I am being assisted and mentored through this process by the highly experienced and talented Michelle Brown, who along with her husband Bob, are the new theater directors at Wellington High School and also by the incredible Ms. Coldwell, who directs all the music at the high school.  I feel very privileged to work with all these amazingly talented people as we bring one of my favorite stories to life for the community.”