Last Wednesday, the Heat lost in a real heart breaker of a score of 6-5 against the McPherson Pipeliners.  The Heat put up a tremendous fight late in the game, putting up five runs at the bottom of the seventh inning, but the damage was already done.  
Going into the weekend, the question on everyone’s mind for the Wellington Heat was just when would Coach Twyman be awarded with his 900th victory.  It was also a question of just how the Kansas weather would impact the games themselves.  
The Heat journeyed to Augusta last Friday evening, getting an hour’s early game start to avoid complications with a thunderstorm due to arrive later.  
The Heat had had a mixed record playing against the Cannons.  Their first time playing against them resulted in a heavy loss of 10-2, playing on their turf.  However, when the Cannons played in Wellington, the tables were turned, with the Heat winning 10-2.
Starting things off, it was clear the Cannons were going try hard to run the scoreboard on the Heat.  The Heat just could not seal the deal with getting people onto base and bringing them home before that third out.  
It was finally in the sixth inning when the Heat began to hit their stride.  They got their own runs on the scoreboard and quickly were tied 3-3 with the Cannons.  
As the clouds built up on the western horizon, it was clear neither side was going to break the tie before the end of the ninth inning.  It was in that extra inning that the Heat finally won that victory, granting their coach his 899th win.  
The Cannons, however, had retribution on their minds as they traveled to Wellington the next day.  They were the first to get runs on the board.  It was the Heat’s Lybarger who got his first strike-out of the evening to end the inning.  
It was Rankin with his hit that brought Burts in for his run, though,  finally putting the Heat on the scoreboard with a score of 2-1.  
Later, it was the Cannons that really put the hurt to the Heat when they scored another two to increase their lead to 4-1.  At this time, Ty Medina was brought in to pitch.  
The top of the fourth brought massive carnage to the Heat, with the Cannons adding eight runs to their lead.  By the time the dust cleared, the Cannons were now leading 10-1.  
At the top of the seventh inning, CJ Scott was brought in to relieve Ty Medina at pitching.  The score was now at 13-2 and would stay that way until the end.  
Sunday evening, the Heat was due to play against the Valley Center Mud Daubers, hoping for redemption, and that 900th victory.  However, Kansas weather impacted events again, and the game was cancelled due to potentially stormy conditions at game time.
Monday evening’s game was also cancelled due to the ball field being flooded from overnight rains.   
The next big opportunity for the 900th win for Coach Twyman will be Tuesday evening playing the Mud Daubers in Valley Center at 7:00 p.m.
 Military Game Night will be this Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m., with the Heat playing at home. Be sure to pick up your free tickets at Farmers Insurance.  
There will be Legion Riders, Color Guard, and a presentation from the American Fallen Soldiers Project, The first pitch will also be thrown out by a local veteran.