Matt Pryce is a fifteen-year-old Wellington native with a good heart.  He has been in scouting since the second grade when he started with the Cub Scouts.  He has a family background with scouting, with an uncle, a cousin, and great uncle were Eagle Scouts.  Now Matt is working on his Eagle badge and has a terrific project to share with the community that will help him get it.  
“I’ve been thinking of this project for almost 3 years,” Matt said.  “When the food bank is not open, this gives the community a chance to come and get food or put food back into it.  We call it the Blessing Box.  It is out for all to see.”
His parents, Kevin and Sharon Pryce, could not be happier.  Sharon said she is “very proud of him,” while Kevin said his son’s efforts “are pretty awesome.”
Matt says his “friends are excited about it.  A few of them helped me set it up.”
The two Blessing Boxes are located at the Methodist Church and at Cavalry Lutheran Church.    “I wanted to have them located around schools so children, who do not have much,  could have access to it.”  Matt went on to add, “The motto is ‘give what you can, take what you need.”
Matt explained that he collaborated with sixteen other people who worked over 170 hours to get this project done.  Matt said that he personally completed 38 hours on it.  
Sharon said the Blessing Boxes are “made very well.”  Mill Creek Lumber provided most of the supplies (lumber and screws and paint), and Matt did a fundraiser at the Methodist Church.  Vince Irwin donated the supplies.  
Still, his mom said, he is not quite done getting his Eagle badge.  This project, however, should help him make quite a mark.
Matt and his parents would like to thank Victor Nelson, Jaron Parsons, Floyd Kabuereck, Pastor Wingfield at the Calvary Lutheran Church, Reverend Dr. Phyllis Provost-Saas, United Methodist Church, and friends and family for their assistance.