You know a person is serious about their love of a holiday when they count down on social media the days, hours, and minutes until that day arrives.  
J.P. Buellesfeld said his love of the July 4th holiday is due to that being the day his mother came to America from the Philippines several decades ago.  He realizes there has been some controversy about such overt displays of patriotism, but he wanted to show how much he loves the American flag with what he decided to ultimately do.  Over the past few days leading up to the July 4th holiday, J.P. hoped to have 7,200 flags arranged in high traffic areas around Wellington.  
Hearing of J.P.’s idea, area businesses and local volunteers quickly committed to taking care of major streets and buildings in the Wellington area.  
According to the biographical information on his website, J. P. Buellesfeld has been a Registered Investment advisor with the Kansas Office of Securities Commissioner, since 1990.
J. P. Buellesfeld has been an IRS Registered Income Tax Return Preparer with the IRS, since 2012.
J.P. Buellesfeld, President of Buellesfeld Financial Services, Inc. is involved in the daily management of his client's investment assets, including annuities, ETF's, and Individual Stocks and Mutual Funds. He is also involved daily in consulting with his clients on their investments and tax issues, and the preparation of his client's Federal and State Income Tax Returns, including corporate, fiduciary, partnership, and personal income tax returns.
For nineteen years, from 1988 to 2007, J. P. Buellesfeld served as adjunct teacher for Cowley Community College in Wellington, Kansas, where he taught Economics, Personal Finance, U.S. History, U.S. National Government, and State and Local Government.